As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

30 December 2008


You see, it's a delicate thing between the fan and the game. It really cannot be understood by an outsider; The way a fan feels about his/her team, how he/she cares for the team gear, the process of getting ready for a game, big or small. Speaking from both sides of the fence, to those who haven't yet come to fully realize their dedication to their colors, the fandom may come to you at any time. You may not expect it, as I did not. A small taste of victory* will fill your senses that will take you back again and again to a seat to watch the game. It is a feeling like none other. A sweet sense of pride and love that will carry through your days, into the sunset of your life. A fan and his/her game: a relationship that will never die.

*Note: This may only apply to Ute fans. If your team is not victorious, you're probably not a Ute.

28 December 2008

Getting Old

Getting older, obviously there are more memories. Part of getting older also seems that all the memories feel like they happened yesterday. Anyone else feel like that?

27 December 2008

Sweet Little Jesus Boy.

Sweet little Jesus Boy
They made you be born in a manger.
Sweet little Holy Child.
Didn't know who you was.
Didn't know you'd come to save us Lord
To take our sins away.
Our eyes was blind, we could not see.
We didn't know who you was.

Long time ago
You was born,
Born in a manger Lord.
Sweet little Jesus Boy.

The world treat you mean Lord
Treat me mean too.
But that's how things is down here
We don't know who you be.

Sweet little Jesus Boy
Born a long time ago.
Sweet little Holy Child
We didn't know it was you.

*sung by Mormon Tabernacle Choir, featuring Audra McDonald

24 December 2008


Here in the United States of America, the people have grown to love what liberty stands for. As basic rights, we believe that freedom of establishment and practice of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition are necessary. We believe that the pursuit of happiness is up to each individual in any way they choose.

But we're not always the smartest beings through our choices.

Freedom, Happiness; The drive for all human beings in every nation, culture, race, religion, family. As mortals, we inevitably make mistakes. We have to. We really don't have a choice, for a few reasons. Imperfect understanding, imperfect bodies, imperfect surroundings.

When it comes to a freedom and happiness, people seem to have the perspective that whatever they want in a moment is what is best for them. Freedom to eat what you want. Freedom to buy what you want. Freedom to drink. Freedom to drugs. Freedom to sexual relations. Result: More difficulty in physical activity. Need to buy more, more to clean, more to fix. Addiction to alcohol and abuse to people around you. Addiction to drugs and neglect of people around you. Resentment, pain, disloyalty, mistrust.

Why get married? You are free to live and do as you choose with your career, social life, money. Why must it be someone of the opposite gender? Same sex marriage is easier, besides, you love them. What's the problem? It doesn't hurt anyone else.

Marriage is difficult. But partnership but it's a chance to grow, to love someone more than yourself. Without it, you are not free to progress to your fullest potential. Logically, if you are with a same gender partner, biologically you operate similarly. Less opportunity to learn and grow from differences between males and females.

The purpose of life is to progress as much as possible. Why do anything that would limit your fullest progression? Lasting freedom and happiness means understanding limitations and respecting your potential. Know who you can be, and make the greatest out of who you are.

23 December 2008

Ode to Things We Can Live Without...But Really Can't

Oh the mighty leg warmers, won't you my ankles keep so warm,
While the moon boots tightly keep the snow and wet from my toes.
Oh the iPod plays so clearly all of the music to my ears.
Great and shiny balls of glitter, light my day with peace and glee.
Oh the cheez dat fils each hour with cuteness that defies all wit.
Dear Utes won't you fill the world with sweet and lovely victory.

Oh the chat box so attached to my heart and my social life,
What more can I ask for from you than to keep me up all night.
Ice Cream calls me from all corners of the world at any time.
Oh my cell phone, won't you ring me anyone to text or talk.
Snowballs won't you fly so true, my enemie's about to shoot. *thwump*
And the stuffedest animal to hug and hold and throw and chew.

*Gold Star with an LED if you can tell me which Ode this truly is.

21 December 2008

As a Child

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we are taught that we are children of God. Literal sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father and Mother. We learn that we must learn to be as children, accept our Father's will for us and are welcome to receive His love if we but ask to feel it. We are taught to be "meek, submissive, humble, patient, and full of love" (Mosiah 3:19).

We grow up understanding these qualities to be most desirable, yet I believe we still get wrapped up in "I'm an adult now." Yes, most have come a long way from how a toddler behaves, but how far are we really from the mind frame that we are still learning. Many people my age have gotten into the habit of ridicule and impatience with themselves for all the things they cannot do, or imperfect living. We desire so much to be meek, patience and full of love, yet we are not with ourselves. Though we have matured physically, we seem to think automatically we should be able to perform perfectly. "Behold, ye are little children and ye cannot bear all things now; ye must grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth." (Doctrine and Covenants 50:40).
"Fear not, little children, for you are mind, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me; " (Doctrine and Covenants 50:40-41).

20 December 2008

Ute Sports

You see, there's this thing called victory. It seems to be something that is quite attracted to the University sports teams.

Tonight, 71 to 61 against Weber. A dirty game, but ended well.

Louie Sakota totally sat in front of me.

19 December 2008

And there was much rejoicing throughout all the land; And also much eating of ice cream.


17 December 2008

It's Christmas Time Indeed Part 3

Snowball Fight
*To the tune of "Jingle Bells"

Dashing through the house
'Cause I can't find my left boot
Gotta head outside
This one'll be a beaut
The powder's two feet deep
Whole front lawn is white
We'll stomp and we'll attack,
And we won't come back till midnight. Oh...

Snowball fight
Snowball fight
Join us if you dare
We'll make sure a clump of snow
Lands in your underwear!

Snowball fight
Snowball fight
Favorite winter sport
We'll pelt until it melts,
And we will never leave our fort!

Johnny can't come out
'Cause he's stuck inside with flu
He's a snowball champ,
So here is what we do
With buckets full of snow
We step up to his door
We ring his bell
He answers it
We start a snowball war! Oh...

Snowball fight
Snowball fight
Snow flies left and right
Johnny's living room
Is now all covered up in white.

Snowball fight
Snowball fight
Gee, our moms are sore
We may not get outside
Till at least the next spring thaw!

by Alan Katz and David Catrow Where did they hide my presents?

16 December 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonder-accident-pron-Land

To ensure safety of all humans on campus, the University has offered a page of tips. Directly quoted from the web page. May I say, common sense anyone?

Be Safe

  • Plan extra time on your schedule to prevent being in a rush. Most accidents occur due to inattention or being in a hurry.
  • Remove snows from shoes before entering any building.
  • Always use a handrail when climbing up and down stairs.
  • Always use handrail when getting in and out of buildings, vehicles or public transportation.
  • Wear footwear with traction, consider Yax Trax or something similar.

Be Smart

  • Walk at a slower pace.
  • Stay on designated walkways.
  • Watch and avoid slippery surfaces.

Be Seen

  • Wait for vehicles to make a complete stop before crossing the road.
  • Wear visible clothing especially at night or during heavy snow.

If you fall relax and try to fall as limply as possible. Avoid using your arms to stop your fall. (Does anyone else see an image of a rag doll? Seriously, the first thing I think when I slip is "oh crap!" not "oh, I should relax, just like in the bath...")

Driving a Vehicle

  • Avoid driving with snow "peep holes".
  • Make the time to completely clear the snow and ice off your vehicle. Start from the roof, all windows, hood, trunk, turn signals, head and taillights, mirrors and fenders.
  • Leave sufficient distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you to allow manueverability and avoid possible collision. Give enough space so you can stop sooner
  • Slow down. Roads may be slippery due to black ice.
  • Avoid making abrupt lane changes.
  • Avoid any distractions when driving such as using your cellphone.
According to the Federal Highway Administration's national statistics, an average of 232 pedestrians are injured each day while a pedestrian is killed or injured every 7 minutes.

Umm, thanks. I'll do my best.

15 December 2008

Stinks, but useful

Gas stations do not carry the most lovely fragrance, but the putrid liquid does enough for us, we tolerate them.

A few months ago I paid $40 for a tank of gas.

Today I paid $15.

Now THAT is exciting to see if I showed you with my hands. *happy dance*

13 December 2008

It's Christmas Time Indeed Part 2

At the Malls
*To the tune of "Deck the Halls"*

At the malls
No parking spaces
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
Can't we go home?

Million cars
Ten parking places
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
Can't we go home?

You said this would be a fun day
Ma Ma Ma
Ma Ma Ma
Let's go home
This could take till Easter Sunday
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
Can't we go home?

All this circling is a dumb thing
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
Can't we go home?
There was can make Grandma something
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
Can't we go home?

What's that, Mom? You're shopping for me?
Ma Ma Ma
Ma Ma Ma
Please let's stay
Let's keep looking, it won't bore me
Who cares if we drive
Around all day!

by Alan Katz and David Catrow Where did they hide my presents?

It's a Choir thing.

A list of things only choir people seem to find entertaining:

Playing with large chimes that play incredibly low notes.
Playing with small chimes that sound like pounding metal, striking it again and again.
Playing with chimes, picking dissonant chords and playing them all at once, again and again.
Singing off key while someone is singing beautifully.
Everyone singing in a different key, namely R flat Major.

08 December 2008

Vitae Lux "Light of Life"

Light of life
Strength of life
From whom hope thrives
Lead during the shade of night
May (our) feet be strengthened.
Soon enters
The power of death is strong
Life’s path will cause pain
May He assuredly hide us.

Originally Sung by Sissel in Latin

07 December 2008

Sweet new-born Babe, how frail!

Where shepherds lately knelt, and kept the angels’ word,
I come in half belief, a pilgrim strangely stirred;
But there is room and welcome there for me,
But there is room and welcome there for me.

In that unlikely place I find Him as they said;

Sweet new-born Babe, how frail! And in a manger bed:
A still small Voice to cry one day for me,
A still small Voice to cry one day for me.

How should I not have known Isaiah would be there,
His prophecies fulfilled? With pounding heart I stare:
A Child, a Son, the Prince of Peace for me,
A Child, a Son, the Prince of Peace for me.

Can I, will I forget how Love was born and burned
Its way into my heart unasked, unforced, unearned,
To die, to live, and not alone for me?
To die to live and not alone for me.

Remember, remember; That Christmas day is not just a day for family and gift-giving. It is not only a celebration of the birth of Christ, but of His life. He stepped down from His throne to extend His hand to be wounded that we may live. That all people could live in peace, love and joy for eternity. You've noticed the special feeling that the world just seems happier at Christmas-time. As thoughts are turned to Jesus Christ, His Spirit is poured out among man. His love that is unforced, and we can never pay for is spilled out in abundance. As you sing the songs of His birth, remember the Life that followed, and the sacrifice that ended His mortality. I testify that Jesus Christ lives and continues to plead for us.

*Where Shepherds Lately Knelt

06 December 2008

It's Christmas Time Indeed

Toy Catalogs
*To the tune of "O Tannenbaum"*

Toy catalogs
Toy catalogs
Each morning I inspect 'em
They're volumes of
The stuff I love
That's why I must collect 'em
These days they're truly all I read
They're crammed with stuff I truly need
I take care of
Toy catelogs
I and I protect them.

I'm copying
My catalogs
So Santa will know better
I've circled everything I want
'Cause I don't need a sweater
A building set, a bass guitar
A jumbo jet, a racing car
Dear Santa Claus, I'm sorry it's
A thirty-nine page letter.

Toy catalogs
Toy catalogs
They make me so ecstatic
But thanks to these
Toy catalogs,
My life is problematic
If Santa brings each thing I ask,
To fit it all will be a task
My room is full with catalogs,
So I'll move to the attic!

by Alan Katz and David Catrow Where did they hide my presents?

04 December 2008

A Small Soap-Box

*clearing throat and stepping onto box*

What is it with "Bridal Photos"? Yes, your dress is lovely. You look radiant. You're making the biggest decision of eternity. But really. This isn't something you are doing alone, so why do you need a photo shoot all to yourself? Your man looks dashingly handsome as well, don't you want him in most of the photos?

*stepping off soap-box*

02 December 2008

Joseph B. Wirthlin

Just before each General Conference session for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, discussion would ensue about the General Authorities and who people were most looking forward to. Many times when the name Elder Wirthlin came up, people would say they could never particularly relate to his talks. One such discussion, a wise man, Brother Decker, said that each Apostle had their own job. Elder Wirthlin may not be a riveting orator, but he kept tight financial records; He was fantastic with numbers.

Then something changed within this man. Last year he was giving a talk on charity, how it is the small acts of kindness that are of most worth. He began shaking as he spoke. His body did nothing to deter him from continuing his message. Elder Russell M. Nelson appeared behind him. Together they stood until Joseph Wirthlin finished his talk. Later it was stated he had locked his knees and was unable to loosen them. But at that moment, Christ-like love was manifest. From that moment on, people looked forward to the talk given by Joseph B. Wirthlin.

The last talk given in General Conference is titled "Come what may, and love it." Not only someone who has learned to endure the trials of life, but he learned to love every moment.

He will be missed, but he is now reunited with his wife Ruby, who preceded him in death. Much love to you Elder Wirthlin. Thank you for your service, love and example.

It should also be noted that he played football for the University of Utah.

01 December 2008

Airport Part 2

Today, I received a Passenger Receipt and Itinerary from Delta, giving me said information for my flight. For convenience this piece of paper says Simply bring your enclosed ET Passenger Receipt, along with your photo ID, to the airport.

Good job Delta. My flight was last week and I have already successfully returned from the trip.

28 November 2008

That's my boy! part 2

As we were watching a movie tonight, the kid's bedtime came before it was over. Mom said "Bed time for bozos!" to which the two year old promptly said "No bozos!"

26 November 2008

Airport - Just as much of an adventure

What is up with airports these days? Walk into a place where everyone pays through the nose to travel on an airplane, and bang, you're in a new world.

First of all, the shops. Not only do they sell small trinkets for souvenirs (shot glasses, mugs, thimbles, spoons - who decided these were the collectible items anyway? "I went to Exotic Place and bought this thimble/spoon/mug for %500 of it's worth, but hey it has Exotic Place's name written on it, therefore it's Cool!) but you can buy an entire new wardrobe from the frilly underwear, to the frilly top and frilly jewelry to go with it! Don't forget the oh so cute frilly teddy with Exotic Place's name on his tummy.

Secondly, we are all aware of the events that caused the increase of security. But since then, it is now a requirement for all to remove shoes and baggy sweaters before you go through scrutiny, I mean security.

Does any one in the restaurants speak English for their first language? Server after server has an accent, ranging from Russian to African. I am reminded of Viktor Navorski and wonder if all of them are trapped in the airport between their country and ours, waiting to be set free.

Finally you arrive in your destination. The time of reuniting yourself with your belongings has come. You hope beyond hope that you are still the owner of all your clothes and jewelery, and that they are all still in one piece. As fellow passengers you gather around the carousel, trying to remember what your luggage looks like. You vaguely remember a large black zipper suitcase with a small metal plate on the front. The motors rev, and the bags begin to tumble out one by one. You watch in great anticipation. Why does no one ever claim the first bag? Soon the carousel is full. Is that it? No...Is that it? No...Is that What in the world? Why would someone take a bright pink duffel bag in public? There! There it is! Shove the five people around you away and make a grab for it. Oh wait, it ways 40lbs! Your bag drags you along before you give up and wait for it to come around again. Pulling up your sleeves, you eye the carousel as it comes around again. Finally, you grab it, swing it around and the crowd sways out of the way.

Happy Vacationing.

25 November 2008

That's my boy!

Walking from the car to the local WalMart, my nephew held my hand in case of passing cars. He looked behind him, saw a large SUV and exclaimed "Car! Squish! RUN!"

24 November 2008

The Final Confrontation.

So, there was this football game on Saturday… … … HAHA AHHAAHHA!!! BYU vs U of U. Well, it was supposed to be. The Cougars forgot to show up and play. When we were in possession, they just let us through their defensive line. Most people thought it would be a close game. It was. Until the kick-off. 48 to 24. Not just owned...but FAIL!

21 November 2008


Have you ever been watching a fantastic movie with actors and dialogue that convince you the story was simply taped as it happened? Where the music was soothing or heart-pounding at precisely the right moment. The story was engaging and took you to a place and world different than your own. Then suddenly, a scene plays out that ruins the movie. Either sexual, overly violent, or too many "choice" words were uttered?

Many will argue, "It's just one scene" or "It's only rated that for language." What, I ask, is acceptable about "just language" or "just that one scene." Are we so desensitized that we forget that these actors are people just as much as we are? They are born with the same light of Christ as we are, and yet we pay for them to defile their bodies and mouths. If it were your son who spoke such fowl language, would you so readily accept it? If it were your daughter showing herself on screen, would you so easily brush it aside?

For the audience: If you were in the room watching people point guns in each others faces and take others lives, would you not forever remember the time you watched people mercilessly kill each other? Would you not shield your child's eyes from the horror of blood shed?

Why do people accept the exact same events as long as it is on film rather than in front of their faces? Why do people purchase these and watch them over and over. Because it's a well written story with good music and good actors.

Is it worth it?

Here comes the argument that movies portray the way "reality" is. People really do conduct themselves so violently and say such foul words. But as films are made with violence, sex and bad language, are the filmmakers also perpetuating the actions as acceptable?

It comes down to individual choice. Just remember that your mind is as impressionable as a child's. Your brain is a power house, taking in all it sees and hears. Though you are not always conscious of it, you will remember what you see and hear.

20 November 2008

1. Wake up, get ready for school.
2. Make sure all things are packed for the day, and leave the house.
3. Drive to school, park, walk to OSH from Institute.
4. Take a quiz (don't ask how it went), and sit through the rest of class.
5. Class finishes, pack up to go and realize phone is no longer in the vicinity.
6. Begin to panic, and remember that many times phone has been left in car in the cup holder.
7. Walk to car at Institute. Phone is not seen. Panic increases slightly.
8. Walk to OSH, wait for class to finish, chat with friend online who calls phone - no one answers.
9. Class ends, phone is not in classroom.
10. Seek out professor, find professor who did not see a phone but suggests lost and found in OSH.
11. Find office with lost and found who does not have a phone but suggests room 112.
12. Room 112 does not have phone.
13. Walk to mother's office who did not see phone left at home.
14. Further thought recalls a memory of when getting out of car at Institute for the first time, there was an object seen pass feet, but ignored.
15. Walk up to Institute from SW, look under car and discover phone under car next to front tire.
16. Be grateful for peripheral vision and memory for incredibly random events.

*Note: The wind today made me feel like a cartoon character, walking half the speed my muscles are trying to make me go.

18 November 2008

It's your choice.

When I walked into my Greek class this morning, several students were discussing a solution to the marriage and civil union law debate. Their solution is to grant all people a civil union, homo and hetero-sexual couples. Then, it would be up to each individual church to either preserve their sanctity of marriage or not. This, they believe, is the best way to appease the masses. What is the difference, I asked of one student. He said the title. I repeat, the title. Then what is the point?

Our professor walked in, and another student asked her what the Greeks thought about it. The basic history is this. Marriage for the Greeks was a responsibility. Man and woman were joined to bear children. Male homosexual relations outside of union were prized as a brotherhood unity. As for females, less history is recorded, but we have some clues that women also participated in homosexual relations. There were guidelines to specifically who you were allowed to associate with. Their homosexual relations seem to be their source of romantic love, as marriage and child-bearing was a responsibility. As the discussion progressed, the topic is what is "natural" came into play. Other cultures outside the Christian world all have different values, so what is to really say is natural? the professor pointed out. We all have our different values.

Either way you are destroying a holy and sacred relationship. No matter how you look at the situation, there is a problem. We could dive into long discussions of psychological effects on children who are raised by a gay couple. Even then, it's not even touching what it is like for a child to be raised by a single-parent. And what is natural? Happiness. That is the basis for all human actions, because that is what we all desire most. No matter where you go, in all cultures, circumstances and belief systems, all people are looking for a way to be happy, now and later. Some will argue, who else can tell me what will make me happy but me? Who can show me the way to be truly happy, every moment of my life from now through forever? Most will say this is impossible. It is not. Lasting happiness is rare and hard to find. Something of such great worth should be difficult to obtain, should it not? Today's American society would say "I have the right to be happy because I am a human being." Yes, you do have that right. But you have to work for it, then it will be yours. The chance readily awaits. No matter what, the best things must be worked for.

In the end, all the debate comes down to two opponents. Between God and Satan. I'm not pointing fingers, and condemning any individual. In fact, I will be the first to raise my hand and say I am full of major flaws. What I present here is your choice. There's only one right way, and millions of ways to go wrong.

11 November 2008

You know you are over-the-edge worn out when...

Thinking about preparing to do homework gives you a headache.

You have an intense urge to perform a pirouette in the middle of a crowded hallway.

English improperly using makes you laugh 5 minutes for more.

You really want to eat cake.

After reading a paragraph, you shut your eyes and a whole new daydream begins. You snap out of it 2 minutes later and have no idea what you just read.

You address inanimate objects and expect them to perform on their own.

Similarly, you yell at your homework and expect it to become easier because you addressed it forcefully.

When cute pictures of baby animals make you want to cry.

Staring at a blank wall for half an hour is incredibly entertaining.

*Note: Guilty to every single one.

10 November 2008

Analytics Keywords

As more people visit this blog, the ways to google here are becoming more creative. My personal favorite this week:

move over darcy there is a new guy in town. (on webpage for 1m 30s)

For the Comfort of Shoes.

My feet are picky. Shoes have to be just right, or the soles will flip-out after 20 minutes of walking around. To solve this problem, I have turned to various types of inserts. From hard arch supports that cover the inside of the shoe, to small gels that sit under your toes, I have found comfort. I own a pair of boots that I love, but the original design contains a hard bottom that is murder to ones feet if you intend to do more than sit while wearing them. In the past I have put cheap sole pads made out of foam and fabric that worked efficiently until they were torn up from the movement of my feet. I decided to invest in better, longer lasting padding. For about $15, I purchased gel ones. I stuck my feet in, and was happy with the feel. The more I walked around...the gel started to slide. Within 5 minutes of walking, the gel is lopsided, and no longer perfectly under my foot. Obviously, I am frustrated with them. 15 bucks isn't cheap, and what do I get?! Irritated, that's what.

03 November 2008

Most Pointless Post EVER!

To keep my faithful *cough* readers happy, I feel I should post something, as it has been a few days since the last. I have a million things I could comment or discuss, but really, it's late. The lack of interesting posts is due to what I have now dubbed to be my over-active social life. The larger part of me is content with it, especially when it comes to new sweaters. The other, more logical and sensible part of me says "You need to do your homework dood." So, through this struggle has come the neglect of blogging. My apologies, more or less.

*note: October had 13 posts. I'm waiting for an explosion or something.

27 October 2008


We all have it, somewhere, in one form or another upon our person. How much varies greatly from person to person. Some seem to have too much for their own good, and some seem quite lacking. Most of us have just enough. It obviously has a purpose, or we wouldn't have it: to keep us warm. Or in the case of our eyes, the hair surrounding is a protective barrier to unwanted dust and dirt.

So, male and female, we all have hair. Who decided that women aren't allowed to have it on their legs, or under their arms? It almost seems that hair on a man's legs and under arms is a sign of masculinity. When you see a man with nice smooth legs, you have to wonder why he bothered shaving, and what is really going on in his head. It is the fate for many men to lose hair on top of their heads, yet when this happens we consider him to be unfortunate. As it is not a normal female trait to grow lengths of hair on her face, there's no discrimination there. Except maybe for those times when a woman does grow a slight beard, we've taken it as a society to consider it "ugly".

The only explanation I can think of for any of these points is that hair loss on a man's head is a sign of aging, which oddly, is a negative thing. On that point, why do we judge others on things they can't help? I'm sorry, but we all grow old at some point.

Now, I'm not enough of a feminist to grow the hair on my legs and under my arms to forest like lengths. I have been sufficiently inundated by society that I share the views I have presented. But seriously, there has to be a reason for this somewhere.

20 October 2008

The Gutsy One.

Let's see YOUR sibling do this.

See, this sister of mine took on swimming, biking AND running. After months of incredible dedication to training, conquering fears, a complaining knee, and a week of being sick just before the race.

19 October 2008

Now I get it.

Football - Usually a man's dominion. In the past (recent) I've never really been able to understand what it is about a football game and men. What gets them so worked up about a ball being tossed around and men piling on top of each other....

The first few games I watched were spent figuring out what was going on. I enjoyed it, but still most of the time before a game thoughts of "there is so much else I could be doing productive with my time." I began to appreciate the beauty of specific plays; Someone would "hand off" the ball and run, and I would totally fall for it. The hard-hits were amusing. Could you imagine running at full speed, then *BAM* you're flying through the air doing a triple twist before you land on the ground. And the skill that goes with that to keep hold of the ball.

Football is a way to lose track of time, forget stress of life and school, and scream your guts out at someone who can't hear you. *grin*

By the way, the Utes are now ranked No. 11 in the BCS. BYU - No. 21.
Red. Freaking. Rules.

A floaty.

Blue Plate Diner on 2041 S 2100 E is a sensational place to eat. Everything on the menu was appetizing, and even better was the satisfaction that came when eating the order. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, from pancakes to salads, from burgers to pasta, from turkey to mushroom sandwiches. They offer three styles of fries - shoestring, steak cut, or cajun spice. Gold stars for the turkey and cranberry sandwich with steak fries, and also the Portabella and Humus sandwich with cajun fries. AND they came with fry sauce. The tomatoes were homegrown and the bread was fresh, though slightly toasted.

It's casual dining, with a young serving crew. On a nice weather day, you can eat outside, though I warn never know what may float your way...A little nature never hurt anyone.

Two thumbs up, and a desire to return and try a new plate of food. Prices were from $6.99 to about $12 (?) and a kid's menu decently priced. Fine dining does not mean expensive dining. The dessert menu looked substantial, and I think there is a full bar option, but who cares for that.

17 October 2008


The temple in Logan, UT is beautiful. Here are some pictures.

Those in Logan, though small towners, are not lacking in a sense of humor...

Some work was being done on the roof, and yes folks, that there is a dumpster being lifted from the top of the temple.

I didn't get any pictures of the people in Logan...lame.

16 October 2008

From a Man to a Woman

A group of eight girls were chatting on the sidewalk just outside a movie theatre. They were talking about the movie they had just seen, when someone was heard approaching. The footsteps ceased, and a male voice rose from behind "Holy, hot group of girls!" Only one girl responded in a "thanks", but the rest ignored him. Including me. No, I am not "hot". No, I am not a "babe". I am not a random piece of scenery to be commented on.
-juxtaposed with-
In 8th Grade, a friend and I were walking into school when a boy opened the door for us. She and I talked about it for weeks, and we still remember it - seven years later.

There are men who uphold their Priesthood and treat women like royalty. Those who go out of their way to give their coats, open doors, compliment on what a girl is wearing, who extend a hand of warmth, who volunteer to pay for the meal, who drive. My favorite is when the boy demands the girl remains seated until the car door is opened for them.

My gratitude goes to those who treat women in such a way that makes them feel loved. To the gentlemen who are constant in their chivalry, may you never stop. Girls notice, and love it. It is hard to know how to express gratitude, because a "thank you" each time just doesn't seem sufficient. I hope this declaration to the world is promulgation enough to those men who today are my heroes.

*Yes, there are the women who want to be treated as "equals" and think it an insult to their independence to have a door opened for them. To men I say, treat those women as they ask, but know the rest of us still love it!

15 October 2008

How am I supposed to know?!

Have you ever had someone ask you a question when they find out you have some knowledge in one area, and expect you to know everything ever created that is related to that subject? For example, one of the most common questions people ask when they find out I am learning Ancient Greek is "What is the relation between Ancient and Modern Greek." Yes, truthfully I used logic and made up an answer. After some research I discovered that my answer of "It's comparable as Old English to American English" is correct. But in the beginning I had no clue! Working in the Film Department at the University, I have been getting calls lately asking questions that, yes folks, I have made up answers to. Before you are horrified, again I used my best logic and sense to guide them to the best of my ability. The first question was "What is it like to get into the Film industry? What does it take to make a movie?" Granted there may be other people in the department who can answer more fully, but I told them that the industry is difficult, and if you don't want to work for an established business, you have to operate and get an audience on your own. I have some experience with this, having pursued the film making to a small degree, and talked to professionals, so that one I feel more confident in answering. Another fellow called in and asked about an actress that he apparently is distantly related to and was looking for contact information. He wasn't happy when I told him we don't have that sort of information, then he asked for my supervisor, or someone else who would have that information. Seriously though, even if we DID have that information, would I just give some girl's address to a man on the phone?

Does this information reflect negatively on my character? The people in this department are incredibly busy with their students and keeping the organization in one piece, and seriously, should I bother them with these questions? What in the world should I do otherwise?

Addition: Someone called and asked for the address for Body World, that happens to be located downtown, and has nothing to do with the University, or Film Studies.

13 October 2008

Pants, Snow and Relief.

The bane of my womanly existence - finding a pair of pants that fit. Out of the hundreds of jeans offered within 20 sq miles of my house, about 5 of them actually fit. Shopping for them is frustrating! I once tried on 5 pairs of jeans at Old Navy, and not one of them fit. I tried on men's shorts. Those didn't fit. Is it so much to ask to have a pair of pants that don't make me look a) like I'm going to explode or b) make me look like an overly enthusiastic pear. As my collection of wear-outside-of-the-house pants has decreased, the need became more dire. Off to Mervyn's to return a shirt, and loe an behold, a sale. Half off! Well, on select racks. Seriously, who wants to pay $30 for pants?! Of my slim pickings on the $19.99 tables I chose 4 pairs to try on. First pair...I was shocked. They were perfect! I was blessed today with a good pair of reasonbly priced pants. Life is good.

Happily driving home from said department store, I noticed a single cloud over the top of a mountain. I was quite impressed that this cloud had taken the time to stop over this particular peak. As I drove further east, the top of the mountain became more clear, and it was snowing-just on top of the mountain. The pine trees were covered for about a hundred feet down the slopes. The multi-colored trees and brown grass were exposed on the rest of the face of the mountain. I was impressed and highly amused.

It's Fall Break. Must I say more? Life is freakin awesome.

09 October 2008


Sharing Food.

Most people don't shy away from sharing food, though in various degrees. Usually it depends on how well people know each other to judge how much food they will share; Most people will at least take a bite off your unbitten portion of food. Something that seems to be shared by complete strangers is gum. If someone pulls out a package of gum, most of the time they will offer it to the room at large. Personally, if I can call someone by name, and like them sharing food isn't a big deal. If I know you well, I'll probably offer the rest of things I haven't eaten, or share a dish with you. There are odd balls in the world though. I once had dinner with a boy who would not share an order of fries.

08 October 2008


Yesterday I was house-bound and by the end of the day, small things were incredibly amusing. I posted a status for myself on two outlets. Facebook and chat. It read "Looking for something small and shiny." Responses to this were not expected, but come they did. Many simply asked if I had found anything, or what I was specifically looking for. One suggested a bottle-cap. Three people suggested a coin, one penny, one dime and one quarter. Someone went so far to ask if it was a wedding ring.

I still haven't found a small and shiny to play with. The search continues...

Update: One person has suggested a nickel. The coinage is now complete.

06 October 2008


It's been about two and a half years since I have been in a French class. Granted, I did study the language for 6 years, at the end of those years I was disappointed with my rather *insert fancy word that means small* size of knowledge. I met a friend later that year who was an avid French learner who I could carry on a reasonable conversation with. As her knowledge increased though, my memory seemed to decrease. It has come to a point where I considered my French skills to be "un peu." Moving on to the Ancient Greek language, the curse returned. As I said, for six years I studied the language, but was entirely sick of the study because of my slow rate of progress. My brain was not to be fooled. Greek switched on the "foreign language light" and I began to compose Frangreek sentences in my head. Such as C'est καλος (kalos) - It's beautiful. Greek history studies have led me to dive into the evolution of the Greek language as it developed from Linear A to the Classical Greek used in the more recent ancient world, aka the turn of the millennium, 0 AD. I made a Google search which brought up a French resource. Assuming I would have no idea what it said, I clicked on the link out of mere curiosity. Apparently, once the "foreign language switch" is on, it stays on. I wonder if my history professor would mind if I used a French citation for my research...

03 October 2008


Actually, I hate this acronym. It sounds so...."Like totally, we're soo bff's forever!" A friendship to me is much more sacred to be said with a phrase so lightly. But that is beside the point of this post. There is a free section of iTunes that sometimes offers decent music and videos. This week they are featuring an episode of "My New BFF" hosted by Paris Hilton. After watching the short introduction, I was appaled. This is just a step under "The Bachelor" though seemingly on a different level all together. What sincerity is there when someone signs up to be televised to find a friend?

This show hosted by Paris Hilton begins with her list of what a perfect best friend would be to her. She chose a number of contestants and put them through a series of challenges to see who would live up to her expectations. Is not a friend borne out of experience, similar tastes being secondary? From my personal experience, my closest friends have been unexpected. People who when I first met seemed to be as opposite to me as a sunrise is to a sunset. Yet those who endure trials with you, who play with you when your spirits are highest, who will listen and talk whenever you need them to. Are Paris' friends as disposable to her as a purse or shoes?

"If my life is of no value to my friends it is of no value to myself." - Joseph Smith, Jr. Have we as Americans, become so singularly independent we believe we must walk through life on our own? A BFF, Best Friend Forever. What irony to host a reality, searching for that dear relationship. Forever until the critera are broken by human frailty? Those closest to you, do they not see you at your lowest, worst and most shameful? And yet they continue in their support, love and loyalty. Next to agency, the Atonement, I would list friendship as the next greatest gift from our Heavenly Father. A friend encompasses all that is wonderful and sacred. Could you imagine a life as Miss Paris; She yearns as any human for a true and devoted friend, yet is so utterly deprived? Wealth cannot replace the eternal bonds of friendship.

30 September 2008

"Questions to Ponder"

Bill Maher's Questions to Ponder. This is a slogan used for a new mockumentary called "Religulous". On a "pass along card" to advertise the movie are the following questions. The bulleted text is my reply.

  1. Why do all-powerful gods speak through prophets instead of just telling their important messages to all of us directly.
  2. When a plane goes down, was it God's will for everyone on board to die that day? And if so, how did he book them all on the same flight?
  3. Adam and Eve had two sons. Who did they marry and have children with?
  4. Why is suffering so random? One guy living on a landfill, and then there's Rod Stewart.
  5. In Christianity, the devil is a fallen angel who plotted against and betrayed God, who is omniscient. So why didn't He see it coming?
  6. What if God is busy and your prayers are being answered by some guy in Bombay?
  7. In the most recent survey, 44% of Americans have switched religions in their lifetime - is this at odds with something that's supposed to be eternal and cast in stone? Also have you considered Satan? No salesman will call.
People's perspectives baffle me. I understand that these questions are posed to be humerous, but I also gather that the questions are real. We cannot blame someone for their ignorance if they have not had the opportunity to hear truth. The following are my responses to the questions. They are brief and concise so you're not reading for hours. I invite any to add their knowledge and testimonies.

  1. God does in fact give individual revelation. The living prophet is to give us direction, which we hear, personally pray about, then act. There is a standard of living that applies to everyone, specific commandments we all must live. The personal revelation is for individual circumstance.
  2. God is aware of single person's breath as if He were watching them alone. His realm of being an action transcends time, and His influence on people, if they allow Him. Much of the time people are unaware of what the influence is.
  3. They had daughters as well. Yes, they married and had children. There weren't any other options.
  4. Suffering is a matter of opinion. One can live a happy life and also have financial struggles. Our trials are according to our weaknesses to help us grow and learn. Those with financial wealth have trials as well. Money is not the key to happiness.
  5. Of course God was aware. All people have their agency, something God will never take away. Agency is not free, so we suffer the consequences of our choices. Lucifer made his choice.
  6. This is a ludicrous question.
  7. You're judged on your actions. There are certain ordinances that are necessary salvation, which are only offered by the ordained Priesthood. Religion is a way to live your life. If you just live it on your Sabbath, what good will it do you? It's a constant way of being. Satan made his choice, and continually rebels.
I'm trying to figure out what "No salesman will call" is referring to. Feel free to enlighten me.

Engrish - Part 2

26 September 2008

Competing Films

In observation of the film world, I am sure you have noticed that studios are in fierce competition to produce the most popular movie. Of course their object is to make money, but lately the feud has become more obvious. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release was postponed until summer 2009 because of the release of Twilight. Even more so apparent than this competition is the release of two films incredibly similar. One by Disney "Bedtime Stories" and the other by Warner Brothers, "Inkheart." The first is about a man who tells his nephews a bedtime story, and whatever they add to the story will happen the next day. Inkheart is the story of a man who can bring to life whatever he reads aloud from a book. From watching the trailers I recommend the second, Inkheart. It is better cast, and has a more original plot line. Bedtime stories stars Adam Sandler, who has his place...but not Disney. I visualized several actors that would have been better in his place. Inkheart stars Brendan Fraser, who is not my favorite, but his casting is made up for by Andy Serkis and Helen Mirren.

The film industry is complecated yet very simple. At least in Hollywood standards, the goal is to make people happy and suck money from their pockets. When one film flourishes, other studios jump on the bandwagon. For example the reemergance of superheroes. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, the Hulk, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. After Lord of the Rings, several "epic" stories were released, like Troy and the beginning of the Harry Potter series.

There are a few movies that seem fresh and new; "Australia" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Unlike the films mentioned first, these are "adult" films, meaning I don't know if I will be going to either of them when they are released. Their plots are original, ones I defer you to watch their trailers on your own so you can be your own judge.

Originallity is not always the best seller in the entertainment world. Lord of the Rings is an old story, yet sold fantastically well. Pirates of the Caribean, though based on a ride from Disneyland, was the first big-production pirate movie for a decade.

Inkheart and Bedtime Stories are two films I don't expect will get a whole lot of attention. Nice try though. Having some "control" over what happens in the universe would be cool, but I have a feeling the moral to those stories will be that you can't really control what "fate" will place in your lap, so don't try and meddle with things bigger than yourself; Humans don't really know what is best for them in the end anyway.

Hollywood. They win some, and loose most. But every once-in-awhile...pure genius.

Die Laughing

Today has been a good day for laughing. I will share of bit of it with you here. Enjoy. *grin*

25 September 2008

Words Out of Our Own Mouths

Language is not something clean cut with specific rules that apply in all instances of grammar. Even though we have such incredible variation within the English language, it seems we aren't satisfied with the "normal irregularities." Most of the time we are on autopilot, and the words just flow however they want. Here is a short list of things I have picked up lately, either that I say, or have heard others say. Feel free to add.

"It's a whole nuther...."

"Do what?" - Completely out of context, a filler for a misunderstanding. Example, -"That concert was amazing..." -"Do what?"

Inappropriate 'you too' Example, to a girl leaving for a vacation in France. She said to me: "Have a good semester!" Me: "You too! ...oh wait..."

Auto-pilot of 'how are you?' Example, Her: "Hi Erin!" Me: "Good, how are you?!"

18 September 2008

The Culmination of the Curse

The end of summer approaches. All tiny, creepy, many-legged creatures end their lives, or hide away until spring.

This poor creature was perched outside my front door, and quickly...lived no more.

A Remarkable Conversion

17 September 2008

Reasoning and Rational Decision Making

As part of an assignment for this philosophy class, we were to describe an irrational belief that is widespread in society. After we completed our assignment, we were to respond to another student's idea. Here is what another student wrote:

"One largely widespread belief in our culture that, looking from a logical point of view, is irrational is belief in God. Believing in an almighty power or deity does not fit the framework of rationality since it lacks solid evidence on which to base it. Never the less, billions of people choose to believe in a god of sorts, making a leap of faith rather than a rational decision. There is not a person today who knows what happens after we pass away, since no one has died and lived to tell about it. If everyone who believed in God required solid, rational evidence of his/hers/its existence, then no one would believe since there really is none."

Here is how I decided to respond:

Here is where we can debate on what is truly rational. Let's use an example of something that is not completely concrete, yet we know as human beings to be true. The emotion that we as humans deem "love." Is it true that we cannot see, touch, or smell love? We see the fruits thereof, actions that humans perform that we call love. If we consider love in the broadest sense, it is something real and concrete that all humans, and has been shown through studies that other creatures experience. If someone were to describe to you their feelings of love, they would provide you with a series of statements beginning with "It feels like..." or "I feel..." Since there is no concrete evidence to the existence of love, does that mean it is irrational to act on feelings of love? If love is something felt on a personal basis, does it become false?

The concept of faith is within the same category. Faith is an action in response to feeling. It is something that can be described, and acted upon, yet is felt on a personal basis. Just as you cannot force another to feel love, you cannot force the feeling of faith.

Just as any other rational or irrational belief, you must take into account a broad range of knowledge. Referring to examples from the assignment, someone who smokes cigarettes could tell you that smoking is a healthy and pleasant activity, but if their knowledge were expanded they would come to understand that smoking truly has ill effects on one's physical health. Their irrational decision is based either on ignorance or a choice to ignore truth. Truth is the way things are, whether each individual is aware or not.

A belief in God should not be counted as strictly irrational because those who do believe in such a Deity would describe to you plenty of evidence if you asked for it. In attempt to be brief, refer back to faith as personal, therefor not irrational as they count more than they can see, taste and hear to encompass their realm of knowledge and action."

12 September 2008

The Reality of the Living Gospel

Have you ever heard the phrase 'It's so nice to go into the temple, but I hate coming back into the real world'? Indeed, the temple is a wonderful sanctuary from the restless world. But I heard another person say that it is into the real world we enter in the temple, while the outside world is the illusion. In a book written by Clifton McIntosh called Reasoning and Rational Decision Making, he states the following." ...notice that what counts in determining the rationality of a choice or action is the way the chooser represents the choice and its background to himself or herself. In other words, what counts for the purposes of such an evaluation is not how reality is, but how the chooser believes it to be." So many people are worked into their personal beliefs within religion. Even here in a secular book is written:"Rational beliefs are not just any beliefs that comes to mind." It is not so much that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is something that ~13 million people believe (including myself), but truth, the way things are. "Our beliefs, as I count them, constitute our picture of the world and the things and people in it." It does not matter that a person believes something to be true or not. There is a solid truth that cannot be changed by the hands of man. "The main problem here is that we are not told just one thing, not even by the same authority. We are awash in countless contrary claims." If people choose to ignore the truth, the truth still exists and that person chooses to live in darkness.

10 September 2008

It's all Greek to me!

Well, yes it is. The only difference is that I can read it! And yes, I have already heard this phrase said to me at least 4 times since I started Ancient Greek two weeks ago. The professor warned us of this happening and, sure enough... But on to the positive side:

Hard to believe it's only been two weeks, except for the fact my knowledge of the language remains minuscule in size. Amazingly, we are progressing through the language quite quickly, and I'm quite proud of my self thus far. New language is a challenge, especially when one doesn't have the chance to hear it spoken (I haven't met any dead Greek people, at least to my recollection). The best part of it all, is I enjoy every day of class. There are times I feel slightly overwhelmed with the task, but experience has brought patience. Having spent my entire education in places I didn't really care about, it is wonderful to think I can be in classes that I absolutely love and will use in a career. This brings me to the next point. When one says "I am an Engineering major", there is no question as to what their job options are. Same with "History Teaching." To ask "what are you going to do with that degree", is redundant. But when one says, "My major is Ancient Greek with a minor in Classical Civilization," after they get over the deer in headlights look, they inevitably say "What do you plan to do with that?" I usually say there are options in a museum, teaching, or for a University library. The truth is, I haven't a clue what I want to do with it. I've begun saying "I plan to get a degree with it." When it comes down to the absolute truth, I'm taking a leap of faith, going where the Lord would have me go. What's the point of faith if you don't act on it? My fascination with the language and culture is inexplicable. I just thank my Heavenly Father for leading me to something He knew I would love, and allowing me to partake of the knowledge. I haven't a clue what is at the end of the education pathway, but I'm going to love every moment. *singing* "I'll be what you want me to be."

05 September 2008

The Best in the World

The missionaries, the choir, but most of all, the gospel of Jesus Christ that inspires it all.

01 September 2008

The Final Decision

The hair cut poll results. Yes, I know you were all dying to know...but here they are, out of ten total votes:
  • Yes, It would look great - 40%
  • I think you should leave your hair long - 20%
  • Heck NO! - 30%
  • Think about other options - 10%

Well, I decided to go against the masses and leave it long. The end :)

28 August 2008

Choir Members

If you were once apart of the Institute choir, you may enjoy this tribute. Click Here.

26 August 2008


The title of my blog has not, in fact been modified. Yes it's in Greek, but the words are the far as I know. We're relying on online Greek translation. What it's SUPPOSED to say is "Red Adventure." Watch out for modifications as my knowledge becomes more proficient in the future. For now, may I remind you I've had one class of Greek.

24 August 2008

One Hundred.

This should be some sort of momentous occasion...because this is Post 100!

Uhh, the end.

23 August 2008

Talent, Skill and Early Morning.

No, really. 4:30am...ready...go! Up Ensign Peak at 6am, watch the sunrise...the camera REALLY doesn't do the view justice. This is partly what it looked like. Truthfully, I've never taken the time to watch the sun rise or set completely. The sky doesn't just change from dark blue to light blue with red and yellow. The change is gradual, spreading red across the sky, then fading slightly. It's like a 4 movement symphony (do they exist?). It begins soft and gentle, building to a loud chorus. It calms again, slow and mild. Suddenly, the rays break through and light the sky with magnificent rays of gold and red. Slowly parts of the valley are illuminated, like sections of the orchestra starting up, until the whole valley is singing in glory of light.
This must be experienced first hand to feel the glory and warmth of a new day. Wandering down the side of the mountain, don't forget the small, less traveled paths. Wondrous sights to behold...
It's the Ensign Peak Amphitheater. No joke. Thanks to generous donations. The Ensign Peak Vista was heavily disrespected and covered in trash. Go community service! It's cleaner now, I promise.

The morning would not be complete without the joy of jam packets. Feast your eyes upon the prowess and savoir faire of jam packet maneuver.

22 August 2008

That's my girl!

In the process of getting my 2 year old niece ready for a bath, I said "One of your buttons is stuck," after struggling with a shirt button. She looked at me and said, "Ahh, nuts!"

Happy Birthday Harry.

A friend and I used to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday every year on the 31st of July. Since the progression onto college, we haven't been close enough to get together on that day. This year, she sent me a lovely package!It's been a few weeks, but I found the time on Thursday.
Green, such a magical color.
The middle of the cake, complete with sprinkles and jelly beans.
The basic frosting.
The finished product!
And, the final taste test. She approves! "More green cake?"

21 August 2008


My car. aka, freedom! More or less with gas prices. Those who are acquainted Neville, know how cool he is. Today, he is mine. He's a wonderful gift from my dad who has paid him off for me, and I will hold his title in my own two hands!! Thanks Dad!

-Proud mother.

19 August 2008

EFY - From the View of a Learning Counselor. Epilogue.

EFY has been referred to as "Spiritual Boot Camp". Thursday's are the best days in my eyes. It is the Sunday Dress day; Men wear white shirts and ties, women wear a dress or skirt and blouse. The day begins like the others, with a Participant Devotional and a Scripture Study lesson. Then we split the men and women to go to separate activities. The women were given a lesson on being a true princess; In reality, all daughters are heirs to the Heavenly King. As a counselor group, we read and discussed "The Living Christ." The rest of the day is focused on feeling the Spirit with a fireside by the Session Director, a YW/YM activity. In the middle of the day we had our Variety Show which is a bit rowdier, but it's mostly to keep up the participants energy. We end the day with a testimony meeting.The kids bear sincere, pure and wonderful testimonies. Even my quiet ones who don't say a whole lot were brave enough to stand in front of 40 other people and say what was in their heart. This is when you can see some of the results as a counselor. To know if they've learned anything, or at least were comforted by the Spirit. These kids come from all walks of life. My girls were diverse in skin color and personality. Some of them revealed truths from their past or their present situation, that floored me. One of my girls, who answered many of the questions and knew much about the gospel, was in fact not a member. She lives with her dad and step-mom, or at least goes to church with them, but her biological mother doesn't support her, therefore prevents her from being baptised. All had testimonies of the gospel. As I learned this week at EFY - a testimony of the basic principles of the gospel is the most crucial. Digging deep into spiritual truths is wonderful and we must always be increasing in knowledge, but if we neglect the basics: constant prayer, scripture study, charity, paying tithing, attending church and partaking of the sacrament, we will loose our foundation which will cause our testimonies to fall. It is of UPMOST importance to not forget who you are, why you are here, and where you are going. If you remember each of these truths; that you are a child of God, sent here to obtain a body and proove your devotion to God, and that you have a chance for everlasting life, joyful and at peace for eternity, then life just seems to fall into place.

There is something called the "EFY Fire." Kids will leave feeling the Spirit with new resolution to work hard and do the best they can. Lives are changed that week. Many go home, and within a few days are back to their old ways of living within the world and falling with every gust of wind of untrue doctrine. Something I told my girls is that EFY is not true. Counselors are imperfect. BC's and coordinators are imperfect. Even the session director and all those who make the EFY program possible are imperfect. What is true is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. HE is who will lead and guide you through your life and get you through sore trials and harsh temptations. Remember that even the establishment of the church is imperfect. But the gospel that it supports is true and living.

I encourage all those who are of age to participate in EFY, or if you can, volunteer your time to be a leader and counselor to these precious youth who so badly need a teacher. Someone to readjust their position on the path of life, and push them towards the iron rod.
Oh yeah. Don't forget to have fun. Life's amusing, no?

Small Ones

This morning I woke to the sound of running feet. Up they went to my porch. Amidst the various chatter of children, another small set of footsteps came running. "Wait for me!" cried the binky filled mouth. The door bell rang...then rang again. My eyes didn't bother opening. There was no way I was going to answer the door having just woken up. Those on the porch tired quickly of waiting, and jumped off the porch. Again, the small set of feet was left behind and cried again, "Why won't you wait for your tiny little brother!?"

18 August 2008

Blog of Note

I had a dream that "Rufus Adventurus" was put on the blogs of note list. I just checked, and it isn't. *slightly disappointed, but realizing that she needs higher goals in life*

16 August 2008

EFY - From the View of A Learning Counselor. Day 4 and 5.

Well, I didn't blog about the last two days because, frankly, I was so drained it was all I could do to crawl into bed at the end of the day. The kids would leave at 9pm, then the counselors would meet until about 9:30pm, and after talking a little to other counselors, driving 20 minutes, I would arrive home at about 10:15ish. Each night I had to prepare a "Counselor Devotional" as well as other various lessons. My lights were never out before midnight. Each morning I would get out of bed about 6/6:30am. Needless to say, this little body of mine wasn't happy with me by the end of the week. Tonight, all I can give is my apologies and promise to finish blogging the EFY experience when I am more coherent. Oh look, something shiny...*head hitting desk and a loud snore*

13 August 2008

EFY - From the View of A Learning Counselor. Day 3.

Today was the best day so far. More unity, more talking. Just a good day. I'm tired. Good night!

12 August 2008

EFY - From the View of a Learning Counselor. Day 2.

I woke up exhausted this morning. But duty calls, so in the shower 6:10am. I seem to be overestimating the time it takes me to drive to the Institute and arrived 15 minutes early. Boo. Ya. I waited for the rest of my BC group by closing my eyes and pretending to sleep. That didn't last long and soon I was with my youth. One girl gave the morning devotional on Music and Dancing. All but that girl and her friend were silent. I was a little worried about that. The day went on, and they scattered for morning classes. I saw 4 or 5 of them until lunch time when I had to leave the youth for variety show duty.

The variety show is on Thursday, and I am helping judge the acts - who we'll let perform. Wow. There were two boys, siblings in fact, who are incredible musicians. One writes his own songs, then sings and plays the guitar. GOOD songs too. GOOD guitar voice. His younger brother came in and played a popular song on the piano...title escapes me...and sang to it. When we asked him how he learned, he said he watched a video on You Tube and figured it out. Oh! "It's too late to apologize..." That song. That boy sings well too! Others came in with some interesting acts...a very, very short hip hop dance. 5 moves total maybe? A flexible girl who is also a body builder (she said she's not quite old enough to do it officially though. . .) There are more auditions tomorrow (including my group doing a lip sync!!! I'm like a proud mommy, even if they don't make it.) which will determine who performs officially.

During the afternoon classes, my girls were invisible. I saw a few, but had to sit near some wayward children to keep them in line. I wasn't much good, so another counselor came, then a BC. Their discipline worked...kinda. I wonder sometimes if we always take the right approach to the kids. Love usually is a better persuader than an angry face. Oh well. I couldn't calm them, so I guess what they did was better. Love takes longer for youth to accept seems to be, and a second's glare works faster. The last class of the day, I had no idea where my girls were, so I hid in a room, laid on the floor and slept. 15 minutes, there was more time, another 15 minutes! Amazing what that did, even on the rock carpet and no pillow. Back to variety show auditions. Lunch was not so filling...a lame ham sandwich just barely feeling soggy. I was stoked for dinner. I saw a plate and got excited! Fettuccine Alfredo and salad and bread! My mouth watered all the way to our spot under the tree. Bread was good. Salad was crisp. Alfredo was....chicken? tuna? a hybrid bird-fish? Unbearable. Noodles were hardly tolerable, but I was soo hungry I moved the chicken aside and slurped the noodles down to appease my angry stomach. The counselor devotional went pretty well. I wasn't sure what to say exactly. The topic was obedience, not exactly a teenagers favorite topic. My tactic is to get them to talk, and expound on what they say. Kinda teaching is a work in progress. I've seen many of my group write in their journals and underline things in scriptures, so some learning is going on. YES!

The dance ended the day. From what I've heard, all my girls danced a few slow dances with boys. AWESOME! I danced in my own special way...after taking care of water for about an hour, I found some of my girls dancing, and went to join them. They stopped dancing, more or less. I felt bad, stayed for a little, tried to be cool, then left. Gosh, I don't think I'm THAT horrible at moving to a beat. Maybe I should dance in a mirror to see what every one else sees. I'm happy in my ignorance, so maybe it's just better this way. The boy I mentioned previously, the ballroom dancer, has easily become my heart warmer. He smiles every time I see him. Such a cute 14 year old. His t-shirt tucked into his corderoys. What a cutie! During the slow songs, he was always with a girl. The first time I noticed him I asked if he was "showing his moves" and he said no. I looked at him and said "why not?!" He thought for a moment, then put his hand up and said "I promise on the next dance I will!" And he did. The next slow dance he was showing her some basic steps. I grinned at him later and said "I'm proud of you!" He smiled. Later I tried to get him to do some lame-o hip hop fast dance stuff, to which he looked at me with a 'heck-no' then a "Would you like to dance?" I said "sure!" and he taught me a cha-cha. Lo and behold, the squirt's taller than me. I spent the rest of the dance sliding boys hands up girls backs to a proper height, and pairing small males and females, sometimes against their wills...they like it I promise. One boy was dancing with a girl 2 feet taller than him, no joke. Another boy asked a girl in a wheel chair to dance.

I'm off to bed. *yawn*

11 August 2008

EFY - From the View of A Learning Counselor. Day 1.

Anticipation was quite an odd feeling. Some of it was regret for getting myself into it, remembering the work and energy required. Some of it was fear that I wouldn't be able to handle my girls. Some of it was nervousness for a new situation. Excitement for living a week immersed in the gospel was there as well. In the end it just became a desire to be what the Lord needs me to be for my 10 special girls.

My sign was up, and the girls with "20" on their cards came. They came quietly, and almost with a look of "YOU're my counselor?!" We headed to our designated group spot for the week, and we proceeded to do the whole "get to know you" things. I'm not such a fan of the games where you find out what their favorite color is, or where they live. Who remembers that anyway? *Erin raising her hand* They weren't incredibly enthusiastic, well, more shy than anything. I repeatedly apologized for having a hard time remembering their names (working on it!) and I think they're ok about it. I should have them down tomorrow. They loosened up as we played some games and chilled. We went to meet the rest of the company (the other two groups, another female and a male group) that make up "Set on a Hill." Matt. 5:14. At that point, they still had looks on their faces of "who is this person?" The day progressed and we came to Orientation. The counselors have a special dance every year. This year's song is "Let's Get Loud." I may be able to do some things, but not dance. Freestyle/look like a dork - That's my kinda moves. My co-counselor Chris was kind enough to take me under his tutalidge. He happened to be one of the best dancers there, and was a patient teacher. Did I have all the moves down by the time we finished practicing? Heck. No. My past considered, I was alright. The BC's (the counselor's counselors) placed partners around the gym for the performance. Ha. Ha. Guess where they put us? Front and center, right on stage. My first thought was "maybe I'm doing alright." Ha. Then I remembered who my partner was. "Oh yeah. It's because HE's good. Greeeaaat." I moaned a bit about it, but really I knew there was nothing I could do. On stage we ran, jumped up on stage, and off we went. Yes, I forgot half the steps. *sigh* 'Tis the life of one who considerably lacks coordination. Later, as we walked out to lunch, I 'apologized' to one of my girls for my lack of dance skills. She just smiled, but a boy beside her said "Well, at least you tried." Indeed. Indeed...

Rewinding to the beginning of orientation, I sat next to a pleasent fellow in my company. We discussed his various tastes. One of them is ballroom dancing. Each time he wanted to ask something he began by saying "Question..." and I would say "Yes?" After we talked about different types of dancing and how ballroom is the best kind he said "Question..." "Yes?" "Are youth allowed to dance with counselors?" then looked at me shyly. *smile* Oh, the sweetness of young men. I'll let you know what happens at the dance tomorrow.

The rest of the day went pretty well. The youth gave some fantastic insights after the FHE games (examples to follow on a later date) and my girls became more united. I have used up all my energy for the day at this point. Time for bed for this one pooped counselor!

09 August 2008

The Weak Things Shall Be Made Strong

"Everything that is done in the Church--the leading, the teaching, the calling, the ordaining, the praying, the singing, the preparation of the sacrament, the counseling, and everything else--is done by ordinary members, the 'weak things of the world.'
"We see in the Christian churches their struggle to fill the need for clergy. We do not have that problem. Once the gospel is preached and the Church is organized, there is an inexhaustible supply of faithful brothers and sisters who have that testimony and are willing to answer the call to serve. They commit themselves to the work of the Lord and live the standards required of them."
-Boyd K. Packer, "The Weak and the Simple of the Church." Ensign, Nov. 2007, 6-7

Devotion and willingness to work is not a weak thing. A mortal is not strong enough to withstand the devil and his minions. But banded together within the church, serving and providing strength to each other, firm in the testimony that Christ lives, one cannot fail.

06 August 2008

Donavan Frankenreiter and Bugs

We'll start with the bad news first. Bugs seem to be the curse of my life. I was in the park eating a lovely sandwich from Great Harvest. I decided to wait for awhile to finish eating, so I wrapped it up and set it on the ground. Enjoying the rest of the concert, I remembered my scrumptious sandwich. I picked it up, set the wrappings on my lap and picked up the sandwich. I noticed an ant on my hand as I lifted the sandwich to my mouth. I turned my hand over and realized it was COVERED in ants. I dropped the sandwich back into the wrapper and put it back on the group, shaking the ants from my fingers, hand and arm. I looked down, and noticed ants covering the bottom of my shirt. They found the sandwich so tasty, they wanted to invade my stomach and remove the rest. I leaped up, and pounded my shirt, knocking them to the ground (midst a laughing audience). Later, I was sitting innocently on a tree eating a Bob's Brainfreeze, and bee was trying to have a stare down with me. I took a wild swing, missed, but he flew away. Take that bugs.

Donavon Frankenreiter.
Truthfully, in the past I haven't been such a fan of acoustic guitar. Jack Johnson started to grow on me when my sister bought an album of his. When I was invited to attend a concert by DF, and heard a bit of his music, I was instantly a fan. He's a bit more of the "rock" than Jack. His voice is like a whisper with a scratchy flair that is soothing yet foot tapping inspiring at the same time.

Good times. (as I was typing this blog, I found an ant on my shirt)

05 August 2008


There is a service provided by google called "Google Analytics" that tracks the visitors to one's website. Inserting a chunk of html will record what city the viewer is in, how long people stay on the site, which pages they see, etc. It also will show how they found your site, if they directly typed in the url or were linked from another page. The best feature here, is it gives you the words they used in a google search that brought up your page. Here are some keywords people used to discover my blog:
  • hair cut desparate need of
  • red buckets on heads (this person stayed on for 9 seconds)
  • red head pale nylons
  • chances of having red head children
  • home made red head
  • when in bed small spider on face
  • barely evil red head name
  • why red heads do not tan
  • dream interpretation of red elephant
  • mormon elder in love with red head
  • ortho home defense max matress (they stay for 2 min 42 sec! take that bugs)
I'm not so sure how I feel about some of those labels, if I really need a hair cut that bad, or look like I have a bucket, or that I am "barely evil" but hey, at least they come and see!

03 August 2008

Observation: Sign

This is a new structure in the middle of a three way street. The road was just fine before. Low-traffic, and never any problem. Someone got rather creative. Too creative. Apparently most people ignore the sign and drive wherever they want to.

My Favorite Birthday Presents

As many of you know, my birthday was not too long ago. I received thoughtful gifts from family and friends. One gift was bestowed by many. These were my favorite gifts of all.

The hugs.

I remember each one, and am eternally grateful.

29 July 2008

Village Inn Late at Night.

Village Inn after a Summer Choir concert.

Then we start playing with the small jam packets...

There really isn't a whole lot to say. Absolute amazing and strangely amusing fun. That's all we need.

28 July 2008

Now what?

Google. An incredibly successful web-page. If there's an unanswered question, most likely, Google can find it for you. Starting as a simple search engine, it was, in my opinion when I first started using computers extensively, the best website for searching. Easy to navigate, quick and 99% of the time - accurate. Since those elementary days, Google has expanded its services. Brilliant gmail accounts that surpass regular email, this dear blogging service, personal calendars, photo sharing, maps with street view, and Earth that shows even stars galaxies away. There are so many ways to navigate your way on the web, it hardly seems you'd need to leave your computer ever again. There is a Lab that displays various products that are in development. After seeing this great long list, the question arises to the sanity of those at the head of Google. Progress for the sake of progress? Most of the services run nearly without flaw, so improving what they already have seems pointless. Some day this really will be true: You can live your life with the click of a button. Literally.
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