As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

28 November 2008

That's my boy! part 2

As we were watching a movie tonight, the kid's bedtime came before it was over. Mom said "Bed time for bozos!" to which the two year old promptly said "No bozos!"

26 November 2008

Airport - Just as much of an adventure

What is up with airports these days? Walk into a place where everyone pays through the nose to travel on an airplane, and bang, you're in a new world.

First of all, the shops. Not only do they sell small trinkets for souvenirs (shot glasses, mugs, thimbles, spoons - who decided these were the collectible items anyway? "I went to Exotic Place and bought this thimble/spoon/mug for %500 of it's worth, but hey it has Exotic Place's name written on it, therefore it's Cool!) but you can buy an entire new wardrobe from the frilly underwear, to the frilly top and frilly jewelry to go with it! Don't forget the oh so cute frilly teddy with Exotic Place's name on his tummy.

Secondly, we are all aware of the events that caused the increase of security. But since then, it is now a requirement for all to remove shoes and baggy sweaters before you go through scrutiny, I mean security.

Does any one in the restaurants speak English for their first language? Server after server has an accent, ranging from Russian to African. I am reminded of Viktor Navorski and wonder if all of them are trapped in the airport between their country and ours, waiting to be set free.

Finally you arrive in your destination. The time of reuniting yourself with your belongings has come. You hope beyond hope that you are still the owner of all your clothes and jewelery, and that they are all still in one piece. As fellow passengers you gather around the carousel, trying to remember what your luggage looks like. You vaguely remember a large black zipper suitcase with a small metal plate on the front. The motors rev, and the bags begin to tumble out one by one. You watch in great anticipation. Why does no one ever claim the first bag? Soon the carousel is full. Is that it? No...Is that it? No...Is that What in the world? Why would someone take a bright pink duffel bag in public? There! There it is! Shove the five people around you away and make a grab for it. Oh wait, it ways 40lbs! Your bag drags you along before you give up and wait for it to come around again. Pulling up your sleeves, you eye the carousel as it comes around again. Finally, you grab it, swing it around and the crowd sways out of the way.

Happy Vacationing.

25 November 2008

That's my boy!

Walking from the car to the local WalMart, my nephew held my hand in case of passing cars. He looked behind him, saw a large SUV and exclaimed "Car! Squish! RUN!"

24 November 2008

The Final Confrontation.

So, there was this football game on Saturday… … … HAHA AHHAAHHA!!! BYU vs U of U. Well, it was supposed to be. The Cougars forgot to show up and play. When we were in possession, they just let us through their defensive line. Most people thought it would be a close game. It was. Until the kick-off. 48 to 24. Not just owned...but FAIL!

21 November 2008


Have you ever been watching a fantastic movie with actors and dialogue that convince you the story was simply taped as it happened? Where the music was soothing or heart-pounding at precisely the right moment. The story was engaging and took you to a place and world different than your own. Then suddenly, a scene plays out that ruins the movie. Either sexual, overly violent, or too many "choice" words were uttered?

Many will argue, "It's just one scene" or "It's only rated that for language." What, I ask, is acceptable about "just language" or "just that one scene." Are we so desensitized that we forget that these actors are people just as much as we are? They are born with the same light of Christ as we are, and yet we pay for them to defile their bodies and mouths. If it were your son who spoke such fowl language, would you so readily accept it? If it were your daughter showing herself on screen, would you so easily brush it aside?

For the audience: If you were in the room watching people point guns in each others faces and take others lives, would you not forever remember the time you watched people mercilessly kill each other? Would you not shield your child's eyes from the horror of blood shed?

Why do people accept the exact same events as long as it is on film rather than in front of their faces? Why do people purchase these and watch them over and over. Because it's a well written story with good music and good actors.

Is it worth it?

Here comes the argument that movies portray the way "reality" is. People really do conduct themselves so violently and say such foul words. But as films are made with violence, sex and bad language, are the filmmakers also perpetuating the actions as acceptable?

It comes down to individual choice. Just remember that your mind is as impressionable as a child's. Your brain is a power house, taking in all it sees and hears. Though you are not always conscious of it, you will remember what you see and hear.

20 November 2008

1. Wake up, get ready for school.
2. Make sure all things are packed for the day, and leave the house.
3. Drive to school, park, walk to OSH from Institute.
4. Take a quiz (don't ask how it went), and sit through the rest of class.
5. Class finishes, pack up to go and realize phone is no longer in the vicinity.
6. Begin to panic, and remember that many times phone has been left in car in the cup holder.
7. Walk to car at Institute. Phone is not seen. Panic increases slightly.
8. Walk to OSH, wait for class to finish, chat with friend online who calls phone - no one answers.
9. Class ends, phone is not in classroom.
10. Seek out professor, find professor who did not see a phone but suggests lost and found in OSH.
11. Find office with lost and found who does not have a phone but suggests room 112.
12. Room 112 does not have phone.
13. Walk to mother's office who did not see phone left at home.
14. Further thought recalls a memory of when getting out of car at Institute for the first time, there was an object seen pass feet, but ignored.
15. Walk up to Institute from SW, look under car and discover phone under car next to front tire.
16. Be grateful for peripheral vision and memory for incredibly random events.

*Note: The wind today made me feel like a cartoon character, walking half the speed my muscles are trying to make me go.

18 November 2008

It's your choice.

When I walked into my Greek class this morning, several students were discussing a solution to the marriage and civil union law debate. Their solution is to grant all people a civil union, homo and hetero-sexual couples. Then, it would be up to each individual church to either preserve their sanctity of marriage or not. This, they believe, is the best way to appease the masses. What is the difference, I asked of one student. He said the title. I repeat, the title. Then what is the point?

Our professor walked in, and another student asked her what the Greeks thought about it. The basic history is this. Marriage for the Greeks was a responsibility. Man and woman were joined to bear children. Male homosexual relations outside of union were prized as a brotherhood unity. As for females, less history is recorded, but we have some clues that women also participated in homosexual relations. There were guidelines to specifically who you were allowed to associate with. Their homosexual relations seem to be their source of romantic love, as marriage and child-bearing was a responsibility. As the discussion progressed, the topic is what is "natural" came into play. Other cultures outside the Christian world all have different values, so what is to really say is natural? the professor pointed out. We all have our different values.

Either way you are destroying a holy and sacred relationship. No matter how you look at the situation, there is a problem. We could dive into long discussions of psychological effects on children who are raised by a gay couple. Even then, it's not even touching what it is like for a child to be raised by a single-parent. And what is natural? Happiness. That is the basis for all human actions, because that is what we all desire most. No matter where you go, in all cultures, circumstances and belief systems, all people are looking for a way to be happy, now and later. Some will argue, who else can tell me what will make me happy but me? Who can show me the way to be truly happy, every moment of my life from now through forever? Most will say this is impossible. It is not. Lasting happiness is rare and hard to find. Something of such great worth should be difficult to obtain, should it not? Today's American society would say "I have the right to be happy because I am a human being." Yes, you do have that right. But you have to work for it, then it will be yours. The chance readily awaits. No matter what, the best things must be worked for.

In the end, all the debate comes down to two opponents. Between God and Satan. I'm not pointing fingers, and condemning any individual. In fact, I will be the first to raise my hand and say I am full of major flaws. What I present here is your choice. There's only one right way, and millions of ways to go wrong.

11 November 2008

You know you are over-the-edge worn out when...

Thinking about preparing to do homework gives you a headache.

You have an intense urge to perform a pirouette in the middle of a crowded hallway.

English improperly using makes you laugh 5 minutes for more.

You really want to eat cake.

After reading a paragraph, you shut your eyes and a whole new daydream begins. You snap out of it 2 minutes later and have no idea what you just read.

You address inanimate objects and expect them to perform on their own.

Similarly, you yell at your homework and expect it to become easier because you addressed it forcefully.

When cute pictures of baby animals make you want to cry.

Staring at a blank wall for half an hour is incredibly entertaining.

*Note: Guilty to every single one.

10 November 2008

Analytics Keywords

As more people visit this blog, the ways to google here are becoming more creative. My personal favorite this week:

move over darcy there is a new guy in town. (on webpage for 1m 30s)

For the Comfort of Shoes.

My feet are picky. Shoes have to be just right, or the soles will flip-out after 20 minutes of walking around. To solve this problem, I have turned to various types of inserts. From hard arch supports that cover the inside of the shoe, to small gels that sit under your toes, I have found comfort. I own a pair of boots that I love, but the original design contains a hard bottom that is murder to ones feet if you intend to do more than sit while wearing them. In the past I have put cheap sole pads made out of foam and fabric that worked efficiently until they were torn up from the movement of my feet. I decided to invest in better, longer lasting padding. For about $15, I purchased gel ones. I stuck my feet in, and was happy with the feel. The more I walked around...the gel started to slide. Within 5 minutes of walking, the gel is lopsided, and no longer perfectly under my foot. Obviously, I am frustrated with them. 15 bucks isn't cheap, and what do I get?! Irritated, that's what.

03 November 2008

Most Pointless Post EVER!

To keep my faithful *cough* readers happy, I feel I should post something, as it has been a few days since the last. I have a million things I could comment or discuss, but really, it's late. The lack of interesting posts is due to what I have now dubbed to be my over-active social life. The larger part of me is content with it, especially when it comes to new sweaters. The other, more logical and sensible part of me says "You need to do your homework dood." So, through this struggle has come the neglect of blogging. My apologies, more or less.

*note: October had 13 posts. I'm waiting for an explosion or something.
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