As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

07 December 2010

To Women

Dear Females,

Leggings are not pants. They are tights that happen to be a solid color. Leggings are called such because they are the shape of your legs. Exactly the shape of your legs. Please wear pants with your long sweater.


29 November 2010

An Interesting Start to an Interesting Week

It's finals time. Which means I will be hiding behind my computer for the next three weeks straight as I finish four papers, prepare a presentation, read and translate until my eyes fall out. Over the long holiday weekend I was sure to get lots of rest to prepare for the monster sized amount of work needing to be done.

My neighbors rock.
  1. It snowed for almost 24 hours straight. One neighbor from the house next door used his snowblower to clear our driveway and sidewalk. Twice.
  2. We live in a cul-de-sac, so we are the last road plowed, if we get plowed at all. I drive a regular small 4-door, who decided to not have enough guts to get me out of my own driveway this morning. As soon as I hit the unplowed street, I was stuck. After rocking back and forth a few times burning gas, I went to get a shovel to dig myself out. My 8-year old neighbor came walking over with his own shovel and said "I've been waiting for someone to get stuck! I love this stuff." and he started digging me out. His Dad came over a few minutes later and after getting me back up the driveway, was able to get my car down the street. 
I called my Mom when I got up to school to tell her about my morning and she immediately said "Do you have my parking tag?" *sigh* Yes. It was still in my car. So I hurried to her work to give it to her.

Also, if you are complaining about the snow on the ground, I recommend trying out this new dance step. It's called the One Legged Slide. You wear your every-day shoes and it is best done on snow covered ice. I do recommend wearing a nice puffy coat, in case you should fail in this step. With practice, you will be able to do this slide without hitting the ground, which so far I have been successful.

Happy Snow Season.

22 November 2010

Small Mercy.

Yesterday at church the power was out in most of the building. I am unsure how the light in the Elder's Quorum room and two of the lights at the back of the chapel were on, and the rest were off, but eventually they all went off. Luckily it was warm in the building, probably from earlier that day and the power decided to fail for my ward. Whatever happened exactly, the power stayed off through Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School. I was filling in for a teacher in Relief Society (the women's meeting) and had planned to play a song at the end of the lesson. But, it's kind of hard to use speakers that need power from a plug...if the plugs don't work. Just before the meeting started I closed my eyes and prayed to God that the power would come on in time to play the song.

Not five minutes later, there was a *ding* from the elevator and someone said "sounds like the power is on", so they flipped the light switches. Light. Electricity.

A coincidence? I think not.

09 November 2010

I am grateful for...

Warm clothing. I am lucky to have more than one coat to choose from, scarves, tall socks, hats, etc. etc. I'm not a fan of feeling the cold so most of the time I overdress. It was a particularly chilly day with no sun today, and I was sufficiently covered and comfortable. It is a huge blessing to always be comfortable in any situation, never lacking. Thank you Lord.

02 November 2010

I am grateful for...

Hot water. Today as I walked into the locker room on campus to change for yoga, I noticed a sign posted near the door. "No hot water until further notice." No big deal, I had showered in cold water there in the summer, and the locker room is kept warm enough that it's not so bad, you just clean yourself a lot quicker. After class as I walked towards a shower I heard the girl in charge of the locker room ask a girl who was currently in the shower, "Are you getting any hot water?" and the girl said "Yes!" I still was wary of getting in, wondering if it would be a short blast of warm. But, it was all warm water. Ah, what a blessing!

31 October 2010


I started listening to Christmas music today. I borrowed a bunch of Christmas CD's from the library to load up before everyone else wanted them, and I just couldn't resist it, sitting there on my recently added playlist...What I have to say about the issue of the "right" time to start listening to Christmas music is, I believe that the Spirit of Christ is needed in this world and the sooner it comes with Christmas, the better. Sure, I'll save the "Jingle Bells" and "Chestnuts Roasting" for December. But Christ is welcome anytime, even before Halloween. That's my theory on it anyway.

19 October 2010

Tomato + Chocolate

You wouldn't think so, but tomatoes do amazing things to chocolate. The following is a documentation of a chocolate cake with tomato soup in the ganache and the batter itself. 
These are the ingredients for the ganache. 

This is the ganache that sits for several hours before you can spread it like frosting, and it hardens almost like the outside of a candy bar.
Ok, so cocoa powder, tomato soup and eggs looks kinda gross. But add it to the flour mixture and some butter and...

This is the cake batter. It is the consistency of butter cream frosting. You really could stop here and just eat it. It's incredible.

This is the finished product, two layers of cake covered with the ganache and surrounded by Piourette cookies.

A little frosting on each cookie seals the fortress of chocolate with flame!!
See, doesn't that look FANTASTIC?! It is, I promise. I will share the recipe with you as long as you promise to share some of the extra moist, deeply rich chocolate cake with me.

13 October 2010

Fall Break.

How is it that with an entire week of opportunity to do exactly as you please, that you end up only doing partly what you planned? Fall break needs to be two weeks, not one.

30 September 2010

Another Status Update.

Sometimes all it takes is a few words and people run wild. The following was a facebook status and the subsequent replies.

People are like recipes.

  • They don't work well without the baking powder?
  • Some of them are kinda greasy?
  • Many of them don't work out? 
  • Some of them are so delicate that you have to tiptoe around them to keep them from collapsing?
  • One wrong ingredient, and everything goes terribly wrong?
  • Some of them don't taste very good?
  • Some of them are better for you than others?
  • Some are hot?
  • Sometimes the finished product isn't the best part?
  • Some are deep, dark family secrets, kept under lock and key?
  • You never know where you are going to find a good one?
  • Some require alcohol to work properly?
  • Some are kinda chunky?
  • You never know what you are going to get when you combine them?
  • Some require rather specialized or exotic equipment?
  • Some make you want to cry sometimes?
  • The best ones require lots of butter?
  • Some, no matter how closely you follow the book, just don't turn out how you expected.
  • Even when you set them aside for many years they are still amazing.
  • I have several books full of them?
  • I keep my eye out for the good ones.
  • When you move far away, you miss some of your favorite ones?
  • You read a lot more then you actually get to experience?
  •  They never look the same on TV as they do in real life?
  • They're better with a grain of salt?
  • They both burn if they're in the oven too long?
  • They can be manipulated according to the desired outcome?
  • Certain ingredients can be substituted if they are too fatty??
  • If you don't follow the instructions correctly you could end up with something really disgusting??
  • Some are sweet, and some are nutty?
  • Some go together as well as butter and honey. Others as well as Ramen and peanut butter. 

26 September 2010

I am grateful for...

Home Teachers.

Even though I am in a single's ward, I have been blessed with good men for home teachers. Because of the fluid nature of a single's ward, the men assigned to me changes often. There have been times I have called my home teachers for blessings, and they are always ready and willing. The men are honest and worthy Priesthood holders who are able to perform a Priesthood duty at any moment. The message they bring is always carefully thought out with questions and personal experiences that fill my home with the Spirit. I am grateful for the worthy men who are willing to serve the Lord. I am grateful for their sincere interest and love. Thank you good home teachers.

25 September 2010

After Graduation in the spring Red should...

... move out of state and get a job - 1
... stay in state and get a job - 1
... go to Grad school in state - 0
... go to Grad school out of state or country - 1
... be a bum on the street - 3

I'm not really sure how I feel about the results. Thank you (question mark?)

Calorie Counting

Last week I signed up for a program on It's called MyPlate and you set up how many calories you want to take in every day. It will help you predict how many calories to eat depending on how much weight you want to lose/gain or maintain your current weight. The resource is incredible. You type in what you've eaten and it will tell you how many calories were in it. It has all the fast food and store brands to just generic food. It also will keep track of your exercise. It gives an estimate of how many calories you've burned depending on the activity from studying, coaching a sport, pilates or running. It will also give you an estimate of sodium, cholesterol, protein, sugar etc. in everything you've eaten. I highly recommend this site if you're looking to keep better track of food and exercise.

29 August 2010


This is post 300.

*throws confetti*

"As the Lord Liveth"

1 Nephi 3:15 - As the Lord liveth, and as we live we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which the Lord hath commanded us.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gave this explanation: "Nephi made God his partner. If he failed to get the plates, it meant God had failed. And because God does not fail, it was incumbent upon Nephi to get the plates or lay down his life in the attempt."

10 August 2010

New Clothes

Yesterday while I was shopping for new jeans, I was tempted to become very socially unacceptable and just go without pants. Finding pants that fit and look good is a miserable task.

I walked into a clothing store I had never been in. The people there were very helpful, and I found a pair that fit perfectly. They were high quality jeans that wouldn't wear out any time soon. But the price tag my dear friends, was $79.95. ARE YOU NUTS?! There are about 4 factories in this country that produce the jean fabric that every single company and designer use. No way in heaven was I going to pay over eighty bucks for a SINGLE pair of jeans. Mind you, this pair was on the cheaper end of the retail.

But, I feared my legs would get rather cold when the weather starts to turn, so I continued on. Ah, the fruits of perseverance were sweet. At another retailer, I found two pairs of jeans and two polo shirts for less than the price of that one pair. Victory.

The Fascination with Jane Eyre.

According to IMDB, there are no fewer than 22 movie and TV versions of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte since 1910. Musicals, ballets, plays and operas all tell the story, or add to the story before and after the Bronte novel. The original Jane Eyre was published in 1847 in London, then the following year in New York. What is so captivating about this story?

To be perfectly plain, the story is strange and frightening. At times almost ludicrous. A madwoman being kept in an attic of a large manor, while the Master of the house acts as if he knows nothing of her? Not only that, the man is married to this woman. Yet he travels the world and lures another women to him, whom he has a child with, then she leaves him to care for the girl.  Jane Eyre, a governess, falls for this man and he has the audacity to take her to the altar to marry her - While she knows nothing of Bertha, Mr. Rochester's real wife. He's a scoundrel. Rochester is coarse, selfish, self-serving and spoiled; A rich boy who gets what he wants when he wants it.

Jane Eyre is a pure woman. She was abused as a child, but was turned from her hate by a loving friend. She looses this one and only companion and grows to be a gentle, intelligent woman. She does not deserve to be treated as she is by Mr. Rochester, led blindly and left with no choice but to run from what she loves. She looses anything good in her life the moment she can barely lay hands on it.

This story is unfair and depressing. So why do we like it?

Are we not all like Mr. Rochester? Don't we all have a demon within our own attics that is waiting to harm us any time we wish to do good in the world? Don't we all have one major flaw that trips us  up time and time again? I believe we all wish for the sole companionship that is offered by Jane. Something pure, enduring and unconditional. Someone who will be our constant guide and friend to forgive us of those flaws we struggle so intensely with. There is of course, the classic love-story fall out when Jane runs from Mr. Rochester, but after a divine sign she returns to him. After the death of Bertha, the inner demon in us all, Edward Rochester finds a new life. The inner demon purged and a new, wonderful love-filled life is begun.

Edward is the man we all feel we are inside, and Jane is the woman we all wish to be saved by. We are drawn to their story because it is a manifestation of unconditional love. We all wish for a savior.

28 July 2010

That's My Girl! Part 4.

On Friday, my sister and her family were camping, so the rest of us went up to have a hot dog roast with them. We were wandering around the forest, looking at the beaver dam in the river.

On the way back my niece proclaims, "Follow me! I'm the prophet!"

26 July 2010


Not a single sibling in my family goes by their full name. In fact, it seems a little strange when the full name is used, as if we're in trouble.

Christina -> Nina. Marianne -> Mare. Emily ->Em. Erin -> Rin.

Maybe we're just lazy. Any more than two syllables and you're out.

23 July 2010

You Will Never Be Sorry.

For living a white life; for doing your level best; for your faith in humanity; for being kind to the poor; for looking before leaping; for hearing before judging; for being candid and frank; for thinking before speaking.

21 July 2010

A bit of an indulgence.

Might I request your attention to my personal day to day affairs and tell you that:


The celebrations started the night before with the family. They all provided a fabulous chicken/fancy salads/baked beans with bacon dinner, followed by an oreo cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream. That cake was dang amazing. It was homemade and looked like a giant oreo. Presents included a camera, flip flops that doubled as the center piece, a cook book and yummy-smelly lotions. And I got balloons and beaded necklaces. Plus it was with some of the family, which automatically makes it awesome.

I woke up at 7am on the day of, to a call from a friend who serenaded me with a lovely, traditional version of "Happy Birthday". In weight training, the instructor was "on one" and threatened to throw dumbbells at people who had bad technique. I told him that he couldn't be mean to me on my birthday, so thankfully even though I got lots of "straighten that back!", my head stayed in tact. The rest of the day was uneventful until after work. Mom and I had our nails done. A friend stopped by and gave me graham cracker waffle mix. I am craving to try it. The night finished with a few friends, a little backyard dancing, Monopoly and more cake eating. Just after midnight I got another call from a different friend and another classic rendition of "Happy Birthday." That summed up a pretty awesome day.

Now I'm 22. Old.


There is always something lost when language is being translated. A lot of the time it's choosing between very similar synonyms, other times, if you use one word differently, it will change the entire message of the text.

But sometimes you just have to question people's word choice. For example, the following is from Hesiod's Works and Days. I will refrain from telling you which translator it was to cover for any criticism. Except I'm pretty sure he's dead. Either way, here it is:

Do not let a flaunting woman coax and cozen and deceive you: she is after your barn. The man who trusts womenkind trusts deceivers. 

First of all: Really Hesiod? Are females generally that bad? There are always those odd exceptions, but come on. 

But to the point, note the word barn. BARN?! The other possibilities are words like estate. Personally, I know more women would rather have an entire estate if they're really going to "coax and cozen" men, not just the barn. Of course if you are a literary haute, you would tell me that barn implies the center of wealth for an estate meaning all that the man has for monetary means. And I would just tell you that to heck with implying all his wealth and just say "estate". Then we wouldn't all have to think as hard as you.

06 July 2010

I Like Candy.

At home currently, I have a 1 lb (diminishing in size rather quickly) bag of gummy bears. Also waiting is a larger-than-my-face sucker from Disneyland. In a drawer to be saved for a rainy day is an Almond Joy. Candy is not something I regularly partake of, and right now I feel like the luckiest kid in the world. 


03 July 2010

Status Update

On Facebook, it is always interesting to see what posts people will respond to. Sometimes you may say something shocking and no one will comment, or you may post the most hum-drum idea and your friends go wild. This is an example of the latter, amusing enough to preserve for your enjoyment. 

Red is like a good wine.
  • When can I scrutinize the vine?
  • Someone stomped on you with barefeet? That wasn't nice of them.
  • High alcohol content? Not safe for children? Best when accompanied with a sharp cheese? All bottled up? Reportedly healthy when taken in small portions? Robust? Flammable? Are you flammable?
  • You need time to breathe?
  • You get better with age?
  • You should be kept in a cellar for several years to mature?
  • You are to be avoided?
  • ...try not to stain my shirt or the carpet.
  • You will not spill, even when placed on a Tempur Pedic mattress someone is jumping up and down on!
  • It takes at least 20 minutes to fully savor you?
  • Deep and red? Intoxicating?
    The line is actually from a musical, Jane Eyre. Mrs. Fairfax is singing about Mr. Rochester, "And like a good wine, gets better with age." Though the first one was equally appropo, when later Blanche Ingram sings to Mr. Rochester, "Make no mistake, like the taste of the wine, when it comes to a woman, you must scrutinize the vine."

    22 June 2010

    An Allegory.

    I was rummaging through the cupboard for a box of Life and discovered it was already open.

    30 May 2010


    Glasses are quite incredible things. Glasses for vision correction, to be clear. It is impossible for someone to tell whether they need a correction on their own. For the eyes they were born with are all they know to see. How are they to know the world has distinct shape and line if nothing they do with their own eyes like squinting or staring will change the way something looks. It isn't until they start running into objects they cannot tell are in the way, for the extreme examples, or cannot see something written far away they need to read like a teachers white board, or a street sign. Sometimes the need for a vision correction is obvious, but for others, they don't even know the difference. This is how it was for me. I knew I was able to read the white boards, read street signs fairly well and was able to pick out people at a distance. It wasn't until after hours of studying my head would hurt and the world around me was a little more fuzzy. Daily eye aches sent me to an ophthalmologist. During the testing I was to shut one eye and read the letters on the wall. I had always told my vision was 20/20. But after I shut the one eye my vision went to pot. Both of my eyes together worked decently, but alone they were horrible. A few weeks went by and I decided to look for frames and scout prices. At one establishment, the proprietor was kind enough to find some lenses that would show me exactly what I would be seeing differently. He told me to look out the window, then set them on my face. I almost jumped. I was able to read the sign just fine, but instantly the lines were defined and crisp.

    If you have read this far you may have guessed my point. I thought my sight was fine and dandy until someone else showed me how much better it could be. This is the way of Christ. We are born into this world with our own natural inclinations, thought processes and experiences that shape our actions and reactions. There is no possible way we could know how to be any different, unless someone gives us a new and clearer way to see. As I hesitated on the real need of glasses at first, many of us may question whether we really need the help because what we are seeing at the moment is good enough and gets us by. But no amount of squinting on our own is going to improve our vision of our own actions. We must be given the better way. The clearer way.

    25 May 2010

    At Rehearsal Tuesday May 25

    Someone from the cast who was watching those on stage (me and others) called out "Mom!"

    And I answered.

    Note that in the script, I am actually his mother. 

    14 May 2010


    Burdens have the potential to exalt us, but baggage just weighs us down and wears us out. When we don't repent, sin becomes baggage. Worry, jealousy, and guilt are baggage. An unforgiving heart, anger, regret, and pride are baggage. We choose whether or not to pick up baggage, and Satan loves nothing more than loading us down like pack mules.
    -Sheri Dew

    Be careful for nothing (Don't be unduly concerned about anything); but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hears and minds through Christ Jesus. ...for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased (humble), and I know how to abound (abundance): every where and in all tings I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.
    -Philippians 4:6-7, 11-13 King James Translation, parenthesis added from footnotes.

    From the Lips of Death.

    A quote from Death personified, in the book The Book Thief:

    I do not carry a sickle or sythe. 
    I only wear a hooded black robe when it's cold.
    And I don't have those skull-like 
    facial features you seem to enjoy
    pinning on me from a distance. You
    want to know what I truly look like?
    I'll help you out. Find yourself 
    a mirror...

    11 May 2010

    At Rehearsal Monday May 11.

    There is a short ballroom dance scene in the play with pretty simple choreography, but that doesn't mean I could do it well even in two hours. So, my dance partner (who in the play is my son) and I decided to meet a little early the next rehearsal to get it down better.  We were dancing only a few minutes when some more of the cast arrived; A group of small girls, mostly under 12. The dance is predominately a waltz, which is the romantic, royalty looking dance. I heard one of the girls say "OH! They're dancing!!"and they giggled. The youngest ones were standing close together with girlish grins on their faces as they watched us fly around the floor.

    It is strange to realize that to younger kids, I am now what I used to think was SO grownup and where I wanted to be.

    Though dancing still fills me with the same sort of glee.

    10 May 2010

    My new slogan:

    I'm sorry, I can't. I have rehearsal.

    Little did I know what exactly I was being so unceremoniously shanghai'd into. The performances for this play start on June 17th. O_o I think there are around 22 rehearsals (for my role) between now and then. Which means I will be saying "sorry, I can't. I have rehearsal" at least 4 times a week, if not 5 or 6. Hopefully I'll still have some friends by then to actually come and see the play for this all to be worth it. I also dropped one of my jobs until after performances are over. And my sister might be moving within that time. And the family is going out of town and I promised to care for the dog, but since I'll be gone 14 hours at a time I'm not all that helpful...good heavens. Did I mention I am working and going to school and helping plan a wedding and trying to help keep the house standing?

    *deep breath*

    06 May 2010

    Jane Eyre.

    The following conversations took place this evening, after I had just gotten home from the cannery, and had sat down to watch a movie, then go to bed early:

    Him: Wanna be in our play? One of our Lady Ingrams dropped out.
    Me: Yes. Details?
    Him: Are you free tonight or right now?
    Me: Yes.

    *Red drives madly*

    Director: Do you want to be in a play?
    Me: Sure!
    Director: This is the other Lady Ingram, sing with her.

    Thus, I was thrown into a musical.

    04 May 2010

    Possible Facebook Statuses for the Day.

    • ...arrived at her Ancient Greek Philosophy final this morning, ragged and worn. The TA was already passing out the test when suddenly her brain came back from a deep abyss called stress. She was supposed to bring extra paper for the essays. Thankfully the cute guy next to her was willing to share. She also noticed the rest of the class had books and notes with them. NOW she remembered it was an open book/note test. Did she have them? Of course not. At least she remembered a pencil. The test went rather well, all things considered.
    • a whopping $19 for four books that are worth about $100. 
    • ...'s car reached a milestone today. 100,000 miles! Good job Neville, keep up the good work. 
    • ...remembered how awesome it feels to work out.
    • ...wandered around Target looking for a work-out item, and complained loudly in her head about the prices. After digging and trying to find one on sale that fit, she wandered in circles in the women's clothes and accessories for about 40 minutes, then gave up. She found one she liked, that happened to be more expensive than the rest, and bought it. Take that stupid money. 
    • ...has commandeered the kitchen table for studying. Sorry Mom.

    01 May 2010

    Never would have guessed that one.

    A list of things I never thought I would do:

    • Put gel and frizz my hair to look like a lion's mane, then run on stage acting like one.
    • Record my own singing voice.
    • Be invited to a bar with 3 middle-aged, married, men.
    • Wear prescription glasses. 
    • Would smash an ice cream cone into a friend's forehead. 

    23 April 2010

    A Rainy Day at the End of the Semester

    Who wants to walk to class, in the rain, early on a Friday morning? It is April and it's cold. All these elements together equal misery. Greek poetry cheered me a little, but I was disappointed to see that my sole classmate for my New Testament wasn't present, so I'd have to be responsible for all the translation that day.

    But lo and behold he was there when I got to the professor's office. I asked where he was and the professor promptly piped up and said "He was smoking all night." I thought there was a hint of a smokey smell... They both grinned. He then said he was up smoking meat all night, having to turn it every 2 hours. The professor proceeded to play a song for me: "Walking in Memphis." (The reason for this is a little long to explain. But there was a reason) My co-student had brought the Professor a CD by the Chieftans, and we listened to two, Mexican/Irish songs, one narrated by Liam Neeson. And this is how the New Testament class began this morning.

    Last Wednesday the professor played "Baba O'Riley" by the Who at the beginning of class.

    Does any of this have to do with the New Testament in Greek? Of course not. But did the day just go from woe to awesome? Yes.

    Now this is what I call an education.

    06 April 2010


    While typing a paper, I was searching for a word to use other than "victim", so I right clicked to reveal the handy-dandy thesaurus. The following words were the result.
    • injured party
    • fatality
    • casualty 
    • sufferer
    • wounded
    • prey
    • dupe
    • butt


    Great aim has never been one of my qualities. Normally it is not a big concern, except on days like today, when the snow is perfect for snowballs.

    On the way to campus, some friends and I amused ourselves with throwing snow at each other. And since we were all walking the same direction we were in close proximity, which granted easy shots. Here some examples of epic hits, despite most of our lack of great coordination.

    • Throwing a ball at the passing TRAX train, and nailing one of the rear cars in the front window.
    • Walking behind me, a ball that was "meant to land in front" landed right on my forehead.
    • Parting ways, I threw one last ball. I was aiming for his shoulder...but nailed him right in the side of the head, allowing snow to get into his collar. Also, snow was molded perfectly in the shape of his ear, like a bright white, and I'm sure very cold, hearing aid. 

    05 April 2010

    A little confused...

    Every time I turn a corner (and I mean every corner I turn) in the house I watch out for a small black dog...
    I say "Good-bye Teeka!" to an empty kitchen...
    I was early to class today because I didn't have to feed the dog or let her out...
    Sitting with my dinner, I look for a begging face...
    Chilling with the family, I wait for the click-click of claws and tinkle of a collar as she comes to sit by me...
    I hear deep breathing and a sigh as she curls up in her bed when I go to sleep...

    For more than 14 years this happened. I was in 3rd grade, 7 years old.

    Now it doesn't, and it is very strange. Though how very appropo for her to choose to leave on Saturday night, when the next morning is Easter...

    At least I can put my Easter basket full of treats on the floor without her getting her nose into it.

    03 April 2010

    So We Might Be Free

    I don't think we can or will ever be able to fully appreciate the extent of the life and sacrifice of a man named Jesus Christ. I have heard some Christian people say that they don't know how other, non-Christian, people are able to live without faith in a God, or any redeemer. They say that life is hard enough to try living it on your own. But as has been proved through thousands of years and billions of people's not acknowledging a higher power, at least in the Christian monotheistic sense, it is possible to live a life "on your own". I know several very intelligent people who seem very content in their atheistic/agnostic beliefs. They find peace in learning and loving.

    Now, you Christians are going to start telling me that they are probably in pain deep inside, burying or having destroyed the light of Christ they were born with. You might say they know deep down inside that there is a higher power. Or that they are just too puffed up in themselves to see that someone might be better than they are. They have found a place of mind where they can function and live their lives the way they find best for themselves. Of course, this is part of my point.

    We are taught in the book of John that, parenthesis added, "that was the true Light (referring to Jesus Christ), which lighteth every man that cometh into the world" (John 1:9) Also in the Doctrine and Covenants, "And the Spirit giveth light to every man that cometh into the world; and the Spirit enlighteneth every man through the world..." (D&C 84:46). Though people may refuse Christian theology, there is a light that stays with them. As long as a man obeys a law, he/she is blessed for it.

    The Lord never intended for us to be ignorant and foolish beings that relied explicitly on Him. We are to attempt to grow our own brains through experience. He has said, "Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me" (D&C 9:7). All men are searching for the same thing. Happiness. Though with one short survey of current events on this planet we call Earth, this concept may seem laughable. But even those who seek to harm every other being on the planet are searching for happiness, either in this life or the next: They just have a very different concept of happiness. But that is another topic for another day.

    People who do not profess a belief in the One True God are not left alone because of their unbelief. They too, as children of Heavenly Father regardless of all of their choices (lets face it. who makes the right choices every time?), are entitled to the promised blessings. They too may feel of His love in their lives. God is "no respecter of persons" (D&C 1:35). We obtain what we own (knowledge, understanding, gift of the Spirit, etc.) through our own choices, but not Love. Love is unconditional. Jesus of Nazareth did not approach the Garden of Gethsemane thinking "This Atonement is only for the righteous, hard-working, obedient people." As I said at the beginning, I do not think we may fully understand the Atonement, because it is in places we cannot see, in, maybe especially, places we do not expect.

    We also cannot appreciate the chains we are bound with by wrong choices and wrong thoughts. Whenever you put sugar into your body, your blood flow is slowed. You cannot see or feel your blood moving through you, so you obviously can't feel when it's slowing. Except those times when you feel that sugar crash of a lethargic body, when you've ingest way too much sugar. So is the same reaction of your soul when you act on something that pulls you from perfection like God. You can't feel the chains wrapping around your brain of judgment, feeling, and compassion. But like sugar, if you keep eating it, your body slows and deteriorates. Each chain slows and deteriorates your brain and soul. But because of Christ, we can be freed from every chain. Every. Single. One. Heavy, solid and brick like chains, to strings of nylon. This is what is conditional. Anyone can live forever. And everyone will. But not everyone can live free forever.

    For most people this is hard to fully understand, and for all people impossible to fully understand. Again like the sugar, you cannot really tell what is happening to you. This is why so many deny the Christ. The sad thing is, everyone is so desperate for healing. Grasping and slipping in their own minds, seeking goodness and solace around them when it isn't to be found in the minds of men. Christ has broken the bonds of death and sin. His Love is eternal and infinite (1 Nephi 11:22; 2 Nephi 1:15; 1 John 4:7-8; Romans 8:39 ).

    One day we will have the chance to meet our Maker and our Redeemer. Until then, believe on the words of prophets from all generations of mankind. For today this Easter Sunday, Jesus Christ rose. His work is complete. "God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8). Rejoice in what you do know. Rejoice in the peace and love that is available to you now, at this moment. "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:7).

    Happy Easter.

    18 March 2010

    Spring Break: What I am, and am NOT doing with the week.

      • Going to sleep
      • Playing at the Sports Mall
      • Going to watch lots of movies
      • Going to redecorate my bedroom
      • Going to sleep
      • Going to cook AWESOME food
      • Keeping the above space blank for whatever the heck I want
      • Going to sleep
      • Window shopping (who has money to buy stuff?)
      • Going to hang out with long lost friends
      Is NOT:
      • Going to do hours and hours and hours of homework
      • Going to go to work

      15 March 2010

      Places I have been hit by a raquetball.

      • While watching the ball fly towards my head, it hit me in the back of the head.
      • The wrist. Hit the ball with the racket, not the wrist.
      • The ankle.
      • Between my thighs. Actually, I caught the ball. After it bounced off the wall, off me, off the wall, then landed right between my thighs.
      • In the stomach. A direct hit from the opponent. Right in the belly-button.
      This list will grow. Guaranteed.


      • In the side, or up the side. It rolled upwards into my elbow.
      • In the tender part of my ankle
      • Right in the nose. It's ok, I didn't like the shape it was in anyway.

      07 March 2010

      If you have not even tried, you have secured your failure.

      04 March 2010

      Beauty and effort.

      I was looking out the 2nd floor window at work, and saw a young man and woman walking across the courtyard together, her arm in his. Both were dressed for a special occasion. He was in slacks, white shirt and tie. She was in a floor length patterned dress and by the way she was walking, very, very high heels. Both were well groomed, but the man still walked like a man, casual and comfortable. The woman on the other hand with her quite poofy hair, looked as if she would fall over at any moment. She was rail thin, and with those shoes on, she could not have been comfortable. Having learned a little more of the nature of men, I am doubtful if he cared, or even noticed some of the lengths she went to to look beautiful. A little less make-up, a little shorter shoes, a little less hair product. She was a naturally gorgeous woman, so none of this would have hurt her. Not being, nor ever have been, a man, I cannot say this for sure: But how much do men care about the things women do to change the way they look so they may be "more beautiful"? My guess would be that men are content just to have a pretty lady by their side, happy to live and enjoy life as they are. Yes, I understand men are visual creatures and good care on the woman's part never hurt, but I think as women, we take our looks to seriously. For each other, and the men we choose to please. We should at least keep our fashion to functionality, (And walking, I'm sorry to those women who wear the nasty 5 in. heels, is a necessary function.) and comfortableness - For our own sake, and for the men who don't seem to care quite as much as we do.

      01 March 2010

      After Graduation, I should...

      Go to Grad School for Christian History - 0
      Entreprenuer a Pastry Shop - 3
      Move to Scotland for a Year - 5
      Do Something Else - 2

      Thanks for your input, we'll have to see what actually happens in the next year and a half!

      24 February 2010

      Lunch Trips

      For the past few weeks, a group of people (that changes each week, though some guests are consistent) have been venturing to various eateries for food on Wednesday afternoons. We have the luxury of going at a time when most of the population has already eaten; But as college students, we're always hungry. Week 1 - Cafe Rio : This place has improved itself in my eyes, as long as I stay away from the green sauce that ruined my first taste of Cafe Rio.
      Week 2 - Au Natural : A great place for fresh food with a little zing, decent prices and leaves you feeling like you ate what mother nature intended for your body.
      Week 3 - Back to Cafe Rio
      Week 4 - Training Table : An American classic with great cheese fries and awesome accompanying dipping sauce. Burgers and sandwiches also recommended.
      Week 5 - The Pie : The University celebrated food source. Never having set foot in the place, we ventured into the dark underground depths and found glorious happiness awaiting in the form of pizza, pull-aparts (cheesey breads) and Zappis. The Wise Guy Zappi is highly recommended, but be warned that it is larger than your face. Cream cheese, mozzarella, spinach, covered in dough, basil and a gentle sauce on top. De-licious.
      Week 6 - Wendys : A normal everyday chain burger place that has a better reputation from the other, unnamed, fast food joints. I ordered my favorite Caesar salad and found they had changed the dressing and it no longer comes with croutons. The service here was the worst I've encountered. Some finished their meals by the time others ordered.
      Week 7 - Village Inn : FREE PIE WEDNESDAY. Awesome pancakes, good service, decent prices for lots of food. My stomach doesn't usually agree with restaurant eggs, but today I fared wonderfully. The hollandaise sauce was impressive, though my slice of White Chocolate Cherry wasn't the best I've had, I recommend the Chocolate Silk or the Triple Berry.

      There will be trips in the future, and I will recommend places to eat as we encounter them.

      Mmmm, food....

      20 February 2010

      iPod Fail

      Photo with Artist Fail. 
      Good job iTunes.

      15 February 2010

      For the library.

      Though a library is most commonly considered to have a calm and serene atmosphere, a library on a school campus can be far from this. Spending hours at a time in one attitude can tense your muscles; For most students classes can load up the expectations until your brain feels smoking under a steam roller. The library has provided comfortable chairs, food (expensive might I add), computers, quiet hiding places, knowledgeable people to help; But I think there is one amenity lacking. Masseurs. People who wander around the library and for a dollar a minute they'll massage your shoulders, neck and head. It would revitalize your brain to do just one more hour, just one more problem, just one more page. And what a great student job opportunity! Any one else think this would be a good idea?

      12 February 2010

      Oh really...


      While surfing the web I came upon the Scottish National newspaper. I was looking for their classified section and noticed "Whisky" I thought it might be some clever quip referring to something I didn't recognize...

      Nope. It's the real deal.

      08 February 2010

      New Poll

      Available on Blog

      If you choose "Do Something Else" please leave suggestion in the comments to this blog.


      07 February 2010

      You know you need a haircut when...

      you look in the mirror every morning and scream at the mane surrounding your face.

      While sitting in the barber chair getting hairs cut, another stylist walks past and says, "Brian, did you do that color?"

      Brian replies, "Nope, it comes out of her head like this."

      Thank you Grandma from mom's side, and Grandpa from dad's.

      26 January 2010

      And So It Begins. . .

      Alright. Fine. I'll embrace it. The gym. A place I never thought I'd go. Too intimidating with all those skinny, firm, flat, toned people who would look at me and laugh. Well, I have finally found a way to work it into my schedule of school, work, social life, sleep, food, reminding my family that they have a red-headed little sister. The price is included in tuition (guess they expect every student to go) and since I already pay for it, I might as well take advantage. After work, three days a week, it's work out time. Christine agreed to go with me at least two days, so today was day one. We did it. We went. We explored. We tried three machines (stair-master, bike, elliptical) and were quite pleased. Josh and Amilynne (choir party!) were there giving their all. (PS, this seems like a good time to mention the open invitation to anyone who wants to join us.) Ending in the sauna - felt so good.

      This leaves us with a few questions. Sure, we work into being hardcore, but how slowly, then what is hardcore without murdering yourself? Do you eat before or after the work out? I had a suggestion of one day weights, but how the heck do you do those properly without hurting yourself, or ending up lopsided? What's the best thing to do to lose pounds?

      Did I mention Yoga on Monday nights?

      22 January 2010

      A Letter

      Dear and iTunes,

      I do not want to pay $1.29 for one song. Increasing the price by 30% is not attractive and has hindered me from purchasing anything from either of you. If I purchase three songs I pay almost enough to get a fourth song; But I don't. I will find my music elsewhere.


      20 January 2010

      A Letter

      Dear Taylor Swift,

      There are only so many times you can sing about a fairytale coming true. We get it. Thanks.

      19 January 2010

      New Blog

      I should announce the existence of another blog of mine called, currently, A Greek Major in Love With Baking. The link to it is below my profile photo. You may visit if you like and say what you like.

      17 January 2010

      Numb Lips.

      I have a tube of lotion given to me by my aunt that is for cracked and dry feet. I haven't had need for that purpose, but it's very soothing and moisturizing for general dry skin. When I noticed that my legs were quite dry the other day, I slathered the lotion on them. A few minutes later, I noticed that my lips were dry and the lotion was still near-by I put a little of it on them. Not much later there was a strange sensation as I moved my lips...or lack thereof. My lips were numb. No feeling in them. Shocked at first, then I grabbed the tube of lotion. Lidocaine.

      04 January 2010

      The New Year

      I guess something should be said about the change into the new year. A hurrah for the accomplishments for 2009, or a bold and courageous look towards 2010. Indeed, 2009 was eventful with a marriage of a sister, a deeper plunge into academia, improvements vocally, many social adventures.

      But this year rang in with little significance. As age moves onward, the years have begun to blend softly into one another; Simply a progression of life. We were here yesterday and are still here today.

      Before you think this is some hum-drum perspective on life, let me lighten the room. The slow progression yet swift turn of events in what we call "life" has begun to fascinate me more each day.

      I refrain from boasting of everyday events on this blog, but try to introduce my perspective, original or not. The more education I shove down my throat, the more I realize there is rarely an original thought, speech or action. Thousands of books have been written over thousands of years, and even more hundreds of thousands in the past 100 years, of people's discoveries of life, habits and feelings, science and technology. I bought a clutch bag from a vintage store, and the more I used it, the more I fell in love with it. One day while riding in the car with a friend and fiddling with the outer layer, the layer popped off. I was horrified. The one of a kind purse was broken! Upon further inspection the purse turned out to have snaps on the outer layer making that layer removable or reversible. If you have been in any mall, you will be familiar with the square purses that have magnets in their lining so you may change the design and formality of your purse in seconds. Original? Obviously not, according to my little clutch.

      My fascination in life has become the amount of knowledge there is possibly to be obtained. In the library on campus is ~61 miles of books. Sixty-one miles. In one university library. That's nearly 3 million volumes. If you read one book a day, in 80 years you will read 29,300. You would have to live ~102.3 life-times to read just what is in this one library.


      So far in my college career I have taken classes on film, sociology, psychology, algebra, statistics, history, language, linguistics, theater, dance, music, singing, astronomy, teaching, writing, geology. Even though 4 months was spent learning about each subject, the classes were introductory - barely scratching the surface of what is available to the human race.


      Yes, I feel quite worthless in my own little world. Yet the clock still turns, age still progresses, and happiness lives on. We breathe. We eat. We laugh. We cry. And time moves on.

      Happy New Year.
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