As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

30 June 2009


As a customer service/account coordinator/"take care of this order Erin", I talk to people all over the country in sales. Conversations are usually very peppy and full of "thank you" 's, as we are both trying to be as cordial as possible. Many of our vendors are from the east coast. I am never one to take sterotypes very seriously until it is either proven by personal experience. But, holy accents! One man from Minnesota reminded me of a cartoon character (name escapes me) who I recall hearing "Doncha know." I have encountered MANY southern drawls, and even a Brooklyn/New York accent. I am thoroughly entertained, and can only wonder what they are thinking on the other end.

23 June 2009

Just lean a little bit to the left...Part 2

Friday, I wore a knee-length dress to work.

As you are aware the floors are slanted, the following should come as no surprise:
There was a file holder that sat in front of my "desk". When I stood up to grab the folder I needed, the chair slide an inch or two backwards, so when I went to sit down again, I landed on the floor rather than the chair. Yes, I was in a dress, and yes my legs ended up above me rather than below. Luckily the only other people in the room were on the other side of it, and I MAY have been hidden by the half wall. If not, they held their laughter very close.

That same day, the president of the other company in the same office space walked in and started talking to her two employees (both men). About 5 minutes later she walked towards my side of the room and said "Hello Erin. You know, I only need to say 'hello' once and I greet everyone here." Of course, the men on the other side of the room are both Aaron.

Yesterday I was smart enough to wear nice jeans to work. I finally have a desk! Thanks to yours truly. It's amazing the things you miss. A desk at a proper height with leg room underneath, drawers, shelves. It's beginning to look more like an office than a warehouse. Today I put two more desks together, wearing heels I might add. (if you're a boy and don't understand how this makes a difference, try assembling something on your tip-toes. yeah.)

22 June 2009

Summer 2009, thus far.

I'm not one to update my blog with personal life story, but I realized that really, this summer has been freaking awesome thus far, and in essence, has helped me achieve my goal from New Year's Day. Make 2009 the best year so far.

My life thus far, in a nut shell.

TWO awesome jobs, BOTH downtown with perks like free stuff and free food, finding a HP book in Ancient Greek, reading a book about Dracula, donating platelets, going to Institute taught by Brother WILCOX, getting way good deals on clothes - never spending more than $20 on one item, movie nights with awesome people, sister running the Ragnar Relay and surviving, falling off the chair at work (in a dress), going to the temple, going to a fireside given by Elder Scott, making new friends in the ward, getting presents from other countries, planning a masquerade ball, talking to a random boy and not dying, watching cool movies, mowing the lawn, riding a bike around the neighborhood, and dancing in the rain.

2 months down, 2 months to go.

18 June 2009

Just lean a little bit to the left...

The company moved office space to downtown this week, from a place in yonder Holladay. The outside of the building is old (from the early 1900s)and dingy, but has a lot of character. On the inside, it's as modern as you get. Thick hard wood floors, studio walls in odd, yet strategic places, sun windows on the ceiling, this place is beautiful, and hip. When I walked in, I recognized my place immediatly with it's new black filer. I dare you to find a more unique desk. Two armchairs facing each other, with a corkboard sitting on top. Yes, my desk rules. After sitting and working for a few minutes, I realized I was leaning to the left in the chair. I thought "no, the floor can't be tilted..." Looking at the door fram behind me, I took a pen to the windows on either side of the door, and, sure enough, the window was about an inch taller than the pen on one side, and hardly 1/4 an inch on the other. Later when I was in that office talking to my boss, if he picked his feet up from the ground, the chair rode right into the wall with no effort.

15 June 2009

Poll Results

The question was:

Have you ever cried (tears streaming down your face) during a secular movie?

Results of 7 votes:
6 Yes
1 No
0 Just misty

Now I would like to hear the names of the movies that stirred these emotions.


The title refers to a popular comedic routine by Brian Regan. If you haven't heard it, go to youtube and find it.

As a banquet server, I set many plates of food in front of people, then remove the plates when they are empty. As the diner is there when I serve and clear, I receive many "thank you" 's. When I first started the job I noticed that my reflex answer was "no problem." This, I decided, wasn't quite professional, so I made a decision to say "you're welcome." The habit, it seems, is a die-hard one. Something quite inappropriate has replaced both of the options and instead of any proper, I say "your...problem..." Not exactly what one expects to hear in response to a "thank you." I believe that most of the times I've slipped it's been inaudible.

We can only hope at least.

12 June 2009

That which I have learned, thus far.

It's not as bad as you think it is.
It could be much worse than you expect.
Deal with it.
You can't be perfect.
You're not expected to be perfect.
It probably doesn't matter that much.
You have no control over it.
If you can change it, do it.
Don't complain.
You'll probably enjoy it more than you think you will.
You may be wrong.
You may be right.
Honestly, just enjoy it.
Work your butt off.
It really is that funny if you think about it.

I really know almost absolutely nothing.

06 June 2009


As one never having been personally touched by war, it is with deep gratitude for those who were and are, that I sit her, comfortable and calm, with only the wind and birds outside my window. My family has been very fortunate in times of war. My brother who currently serves in the Air Force was blessed to serve his time in Las Vegas, Nevada, away from explosion and gunshot. Both of my grandfathers served in the military for World War II, and lived to tell the tale. Though the grandfather I knew best, would hardly broach the subject of his service. His scares were deep, and undetectable by the innocent eye.

Today was D-Day, June 6th 1944. A day that commemorates the loss of so many lives that day and all that preceded, and all that were to follow. Yes we were victorious in the end. The lives were not wasted. Their sacrifice was real and their cause true.

Yet war, for war sake makes no sense. The cause of every war is political unrest and upheaval. It is on the backs of millions, that the pride of few is carried, and lost.
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