As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

29 August 2010


This is post 300.

*throws confetti*

"As the Lord Liveth"

1 Nephi 3:15 - As the Lord liveth, and as we live we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which the Lord hath commanded us.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gave this explanation: "Nephi made God his partner. If he failed to get the plates, it meant God had failed. And because God does not fail, it was incumbent upon Nephi to get the plates or lay down his life in the attempt."

10 August 2010

New Clothes

Yesterday while I was shopping for new jeans, I was tempted to become very socially unacceptable and just go without pants. Finding pants that fit and look good is a miserable task.

I walked into a clothing store I had never been in. The people there were very helpful, and I found a pair that fit perfectly. They were high quality jeans that wouldn't wear out any time soon. But the price tag my dear friends, was $79.95. ARE YOU NUTS?! There are about 4 factories in this country that produce the jean fabric that every single company and designer use. No way in heaven was I going to pay over eighty bucks for a SINGLE pair of jeans. Mind you, this pair was on the cheaper end of the retail.

But, I feared my legs would get rather cold when the weather starts to turn, so I continued on. Ah, the fruits of perseverance were sweet. At another retailer, I found two pairs of jeans and two polo shirts for less than the price of that one pair. Victory.

The Fascination with Jane Eyre.

According to IMDB, there are no fewer than 22 movie and TV versions of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte since 1910. Musicals, ballets, plays and operas all tell the story, or add to the story before and after the Bronte novel. The original Jane Eyre was published in 1847 in London, then the following year in New York. What is so captivating about this story?

To be perfectly plain, the story is strange and frightening. At times almost ludicrous. A madwoman being kept in an attic of a large manor, while the Master of the house acts as if he knows nothing of her? Not only that, the man is married to this woman. Yet he travels the world and lures another women to him, whom he has a child with, then she leaves him to care for the girl.  Jane Eyre, a governess, falls for this man and he has the audacity to take her to the altar to marry her - While she knows nothing of Bertha, Mr. Rochester's real wife. He's a scoundrel. Rochester is coarse, selfish, self-serving and spoiled; A rich boy who gets what he wants when he wants it.

Jane Eyre is a pure woman. She was abused as a child, but was turned from her hate by a loving friend. She looses this one and only companion and grows to be a gentle, intelligent woman. She does not deserve to be treated as she is by Mr. Rochester, led blindly and left with no choice but to run from what she loves. She looses anything good in her life the moment she can barely lay hands on it.

This story is unfair and depressing. So why do we like it?

Are we not all like Mr. Rochester? Don't we all have a demon within our own attics that is waiting to harm us any time we wish to do good in the world? Don't we all have one major flaw that trips us  up time and time again? I believe we all wish for the sole companionship that is offered by Jane. Something pure, enduring and unconditional. Someone who will be our constant guide and friend to forgive us of those flaws we struggle so intensely with. There is of course, the classic love-story fall out when Jane runs from Mr. Rochester, but after a divine sign she returns to him. After the death of Bertha, the inner demon in us all, Edward Rochester finds a new life. The inner demon purged and a new, wonderful love-filled life is begun.

Edward is the man we all feel we are inside, and Jane is the woman we all wish to be saved by. We are drawn to their story because it is a manifestation of unconditional love. We all wish for a savior.
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