As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

29 July 2008

Village Inn Late at Night.

Village Inn after a Summer Choir concert.

Then we start playing with the small jam packets...

There really isn't a whole lot to say. Absolute amazing and strangely amusing fun. That's all we need.

28 July 2008

Now what?

Google. An incredibly successful web-page. If there's an unanswered question, most likely, Google can find it for you. Starting as a simple search engine, it was, in my opinion when I first started using computers extensively, the best website for searching. Easy to navigate, quick and 99% of the time - accurate. Since those elementary days, Google has expanded its services. Brilliant gmail accounts that surpass regular email, this dear blogging service, personal calendars, photo sharing, maps with street view, and Earth that shows even stars galaxies away. There are so many ways to navigate your way on the web, it hardly seems you'd need to leave your computer ever again. There is a Lab that displays various products that are in development. After seeing this great long list, the question arises to the sanity of those at the head of Google. Progress for the sake of progress? Most of the services run nearly without flaw, so improving what they already have seems pointless. Some day this really will be true: You can live your life with the click of a button. Literally.

The Inner Working of the Church (LDS)

Yesterday, the singles ward I attend had a special meeting. The Stake President announced the splitting of the ward. Four stakes fed into the 19th ward. Membership was ~170 Young Single Adults's. In that four stake area reside 1400 YSA members. A few attend their homeward, some, other wards around the valley. The rest and majority are inactive. The split is to help facilitate more room and more work opportunities. The 4 new YSA wards are each responsible to their own stake. All wards will meet in the same building. They will encourage all those who reside in the stake boundaries to attend the YSA ward, instead of the home ward or a student ward. At 9am, my ward and one other will meet. We will have R.S. and Priesthood while they have Sacrament Meeting. Sunday School will be combined, then we switch. At 1pm, the other two wards will do the same. Activities will be done together. We all have our own bishops, presidencies, everything.

My stake president talked about how the church can change, but the gospel never does. He quoted D&C 3:2. "For God doth not walk in crooked paths, neither doth he turn to the right hand nor to the left, neither doth he vary from that which he hath said, therefore his paths are straight, and his course is one eternal round." The organization of the church is supplementary to aiding souls throughout their test of mortality. All the organizations are tools and their purpose is for progression. Leaders are necessary to oversee that things are accomplished. Through different assignments, we are meant to grow and progress in knowledge. Assignments from the Lord are commandments, which we need to follow. Commandments are in place merely to help us grow to our FULL potential. The world would have us do whatever makes us feel good in the moment, do what we want. The Lord has so much more in store for us than we can ever imagine. The gospel is about our Heavenly Father, who wants the BEST for all His children. Not just a good life, but the best eternity we can have. So many live underneath who they really are. Everyone has so much potential, to be like Christ is in everyone's reach, because He didn't leave anyone out in His Atonement. If some could just see beyond the "church" and really see God in His glory, and how wonderful people and life can be.

22 July 2008

New Friends

Well, my vacuum may not be as cool as this one but the one I have been using this afternoon has been more than a pleasure to use.

I came home from a few errands today, and noticed three very small spiders crawling on my sheets (no, my bed was not made). Flicking them off, I looked down on the floor, and noticed two more crawling around. I bent down to look at them, amazed that there were so many in one area. My eyes surveyed the surrounding area, and came to rest upon the box springs of my bed. The springs and the mattress set are fairly new. Since we have plans to move at some point in the near future (mind you, this has been a plan for going on for many years now), we left the plastic on the box springs. Inside that plastic covering, there were at least 20 baby spiders. The spiders weren't much larger than the head of a pin. Not sure what to do, and mildly amused, I called my mother. She told me to drag the box springs to the garage, remove the plastic covering, and spray death onto all the crawling, eight-legged creatures. Yay for Ortho Home Defense Max Perimeter and Indoor Insect Killer with an Advanced Formula (yes I know spiders aren't insects, but they're dead all the same). Everything in the room needed to be moved and cleaned around. I pulled the sheets off my bed, and found more spiders on the cover sheet! How nice, they had been my buddies all night. All sheets removed, the rest of the room was emptied. Here is where the vacuum comes in. There were dust kangaroos under neath the bed, behind the bookshelf and in the closet. Vacuums kick dust mite butt! As I worked around the room, occasionally a spider or two appeared on the window, or on the ceiling. (if it was on the floor I just squished it) So, now comes the Home Defense to the Max spraying of the room. All in all, there were at least 100 spiders who met an unexpected fate today. Don't worry, the spiders will just smell a sweet fragrance like baking cookies, slip into a reverie, then wake on the other side... They better, because I won't be laughing if they live, grow up and try to sleep with me again.

There's a lady bug that's been hanging out on my ceiling as well. He caught a ride on my shirt from the outside, and decided to stay. Probably because of all the spiders in the room... A second lady bug found it's way in, but I was on a roll with the vacuum...

When I returned home tonight, there were a plethora of small flying, six legged creatures. No, not just a plethora...hundreds! I grabbed the Home Defense and sprayed them to the MAX! They were flying from the window above the kitchen sink. Most of them died on the spot and got washed down the sink. More continued to plop on the counter. Thinking my job done, I walked out the front door. There were hundreds more flying bugs! Again I ran for the spray and supersaturated the porch. No. More. Bugs.

Addition: Well, I dreamed about bugs during the night. There were thousands that infested my house, but luckily they all seemed to be the flying kind.

13 July 2008


Fear: A loathsome, exceedingly frustrating emotion when facing an event that would other wise be a)harmless, b) pleasant, or c)beneficial. Indeed, fear can be a feeling of respect or reverence, but only when it is in respect to the Divine is it appropriate. In any other circumstance it is something to be disregarded to the point of extermination.

For example:
In my personal opinion, climbing and descending rocks is an enjoyable activity. It's a challenge, yet not too difficult for a beginner (with sufficient help and guidance). Rappelling with your back to the ground is the most common way of descent. Facing the ground and walking perpendicular to the cliff face is called "aussie." The first way, was at first a little nerve-racking, but then became fun to the point I forgot fear. But, for the life of me, I could not descend facing down. Backwards was simple, yet still a thrill. I had seen others do it, even do it quickly. I wanted to do it. As proof from the photo, I was in position to walk down, staring at the ground. My foot slipped and that same leg began to shake. Nothing could get me to move downwards, not all the encouragement or cheering from friends. I retreated, but not without disapointment. Fear had gripped my mind so tightly I was unable to relax or do anything but focus on fear itself. Within all reason, I felt secure, and there was even desire to go.

So, fear is irrational. It prevents us from doing things we would do under normal circumstances. Fear inhibits our opportunities and does more harm to us than good. What do we have to fear, with the Lord of the Universe behind us? As long as we do all in our power to do what is right, safe and healthy, we have nothing to fear. For even in death of mortality, our life continues in immortality. Conquer that which you fear, and do that which is right, then become who you want to be.

11 July 2008

Small, yet rather amusing

Opening and closing the disc drive on a Mac computer.
Flipping open and closing a flip phone.
Clicking a mechanical pen.
Playing with small piece of double sided tape.
Bending a paper clip into other shapes.
Attempting to balance a spoon on the end of your nose.
Making faces at friends and having them respond with a funny face.
Tearing paper into infinitesimal specks.
Braiding small sections of hair.
Popping a rubber finger inside out.

10 July 2008

Friends who can cook

It's always more than a convenience when you have friends who are willing to share their cooking skills. For almost a year, I have shared cooking skills with two friends of mine, having small potluck dinners every few weeks. Others have joined us from time to time, adding their various skills. We've had wonderful Hawaiian haystacks, home made pizza, home made ice cream, pork steaks with home grown spices. The most recent was a meal of barbecued chicken, fresh cherries and apple pie with ice cream. Delicious! Here is part of the group eating it with their various expressions of enjoyment. The pie was courtesy of Laverna. I wish I had a picture of the chicken, which was also delicious, made by the Olson's. Hmm, if either are reading this, I would like the recipe for the pie and chicken sauce. What's better than dinner and a movie with wonderful friends and great food? At this moment, there isn't much that comes close. I may travel to Logan just to eat. . .

04 July 2008

What it means to live here in the Promised Land

It means choosing a vocation for yourself, and changing it at any time in your life.
It means choosing your own spouse.
It means having as many or few children as you choose.
It means worshiping the God or god you choose.
It means when you hear a bang and see lights in the sky, you're watching fireworks, not the last few seconds of life.
It's the chance to live how you choose, where you choose.
It's a freedom most of us don't understand we have, because most of us haven't lived without it.
It means a small, obscure boy was able to restore the true Word of Christ. Without the freedom to form a religion, the work would have been halted.

03 July 2008

There really is no title

There are times when my happy, rather overly enthusiastic self runs away from the part of me that is contentedly calm and socially polite. When the enthusiastic half stops, the calm half runs straight into it, rubs it's forehead, then stands in horror as it sees the mess made then exclaims "What have you done?!" Then they hobble away, hoping no one will remember what just happened. I think on these occasions the Lord is simply laughing at me.

Symbolism of Fire and Burning

Many scriptures are based on symbolism. Part of the Lord's purpose in this, I believe, is to help us understand more clearly his purposes by relating principles or events to objects. Since His wisdom, knowledge and understanding is infinitely greater than our own, He has to simplify His teachings so our mortal brains can comprehend. Christ taught in parables so people would remember basic principles of the gospel, such as charity, through the story of the good Samaritan. The book of Revelation from the New Testament is one almost universally proclaimed as difficult to understand without proper study. Isaiah also wrote in symbolism. One source states that the book of Malachi was written by Isaiah. Judging by the writing style in "Malachi," I would not be surprised if Isaiah was the author. This brings us to the topic of discussion. Chapter 4 of Malachi says: "For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven, and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be as stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch." Going back to the allegory of the vineyard and the olive trees, the people of the earth are the individual trees. Those without strong roots resisted the nourishing and pruning of the Lord, and produced no fruit. The Lord of the vineyard subsequently cast off the wild and unproductive branches of the trees into the fire. My question is, what exactly is burning? The lack of roots and good branches are a result of pride and wickedness, a personal choice. The parallel is obvious there. But what is the fire? Will those who have done evil, or have a lack of good work be literally tossed into a bonfire? Reason makes me think not. Nuclear war that only the righteous who have followed counsel and hidden in proper places will be saved from? Or is this burning a state of mind? When Christ comes, they will not be able to stand His presence, feel a burning of conscience and ask to leave the earth? What say you?

02 July 2008

It's Cake!

What is it about cake? Something that is easy is a "piece of cake." (there's a movie, I forget which, that a man with an accent says "it's a crumb of cake") Something that is "no cake walk" is difficult. Something that "takes the cake" exceeds all other choices. Something that is "caked on" once was a sticky substance and has hardened. Why the word cake? Who started it? Is this food so important to our society we feel a need to use it outside of it's normal context? I have to say, cake is a wonderful, versatile food. Cover a moist bake with frosting and hand me a piece, and you've got a friend for life. It's a tradition for weddings, for birthdays. You save the top layer of your wedding cake, freeze it, and eat it a year later. Just about everyone has a picture of their one-year old eating their first piece of cake. Cake is art. There are competitions to see who can make the best. Cake's for old people, young people. It's good. It's fun. It's pretty. Edible. Ugly. It's chocolate, vanilla, carrot, Dr. Pepper, spice, date, sprinkle. It's tradition. It's whatever you want it to be. We obsess over it. We fill it with cream, pudding, cheese, frosting, fruit. It's whatever you want it to be, and it's gooood.

It's All Worth It! Part 2

Well, you know when you've been doing something too much for too long when...
The office supplies all have names: Trevor the shredder. He needs a rest every so often to keep him cool. Frank is the staple remover. He does a pretty good job, but he's old and sometimes has to work hard to pull out the staple. Tom, Mike and Charlene are Bic White-Out sticks. They don't always do what they're told. They're tape comes off lopsided and sometimes in pieces. Mike was the worst. Tom took a lesson from his brother's mistakes and was kinder. Their sister, Charlene has done the best of all, probably because she doesn't like the looks of her brothers who are now in the garbage can. There is a certain chair wheel that likes to come off. I nearly topple off the seat when Bob, the wheel, removes himself.

Oh dear. I really need to get more sleep. Time to go home and hide.

fyi, I've shredded almost enough paper to fill a recycle bin that is nearly the size of street garbage containers.

01 July 2008

It's about me. I was told to.

I was tagged for this. Here goes, in case y'all were wondering.

A) attached or single - single
B) best friend - I have many friends I hold dear
C) cake or pie - moist cake with nice creamy frosting.
D) day - I live each day the best I can, so enjoy most of them. Love Sunday though, just about every week without fail
E) essential item - Phone/iPod or something that plays music
F) favorite color - What I like to see, Silver. What I like to wear, green.
G) gummie bears or worms - Gummie Bears rule!
H) home town - Salt Lake
I) indulgence - a movie on my laptop on my bed late at night, with the speakers on my dresser connected
J) January or July - July. It's my birthday!
K) kids - LOVE my neighbors kids (near siblings), and my 2 nephews and 1 niece are the cutest things in the world. NO BATTLE. The best part is holding them when they are tired, giving them their comfort item, and snuggling with them
L) life is incomplete without - My friends, singing, music, the gospel
M) marriage date - yes. I'll let you know when and who.
N) # of siblings - 3 (then adding in-laws, 5)
O) oranges or apples - Depends on my mood, or which one is sweeter, or more convenient to eat. Oranges are messy.
P) phobias or fears - I'm getting rid of them
Q) quote - I have to pick ONE?! "True friends are like two bodies with one soul" - Aristotle. "You can have eternal life only if there isn't anything you want more." - Can't remember. (ok, I cheated. I like quotes ok?)
R) reason to smile - See all my blogs on my life. The short version - because I am living, and breathing, and there is music to play!
S) season - I have favorite things about each. Winter - Snow falling. Spring - Flowers on trees and green grass. Summer - Time to play. Fall - Crunchy leaves.
T) tag - LaverNa. (sorry, I do this to you a lot. just means I love you!)
U) unknown fact about me - What do you want to know? I talk a lot, so I don't know what people don't know about me
V) vegetarian or oppressor of animal - Don't put it that way, makes me sound evil. It's what they're here for! I like meat, Rodizio Grill....mmm, tasty.
W) worst habit - chatting with friends late into the night (I'm getting better!)
X) rays or ultrasounds - Ultrasound. They did one on my eye a few years ago. The MRI was uncomfortable.
Y) your favorite food - whatever I feel like at the moment. Depends on the time of day and year and how I feel.
Z) Zodiac sign - Cancer. Barely. Astrology is something I don't really believe, but find it funny when things are right. I do believe all things have a purpose, and maybe the movements of stars and planets have a place in God's plan.
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