As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

27 October 2008


We all have it, somewhere, in one form or another upon our person. How much varies greatly from person to person. Some seem to have too much for their own good, and some seem quite lacking. Most of us have just enough. It obviously has a purpose, or we wouldn't have it: to keep us warm. Or in the case of our eyes, the hair surrounding is a protective barrier to unwanted dust and dirt.

So, male and female, we all have hair. Who decided that women aren't allowed to have it on their legs, or under their arms? It almost seems that hair on a man's legs and under arms is a sign of masculinity. When you see a man with nice smooth legs, you have to wonder why he bothered shaving, and what is really going on in his head. It is the fate for many men to lose hair on top of their heads, yet when this happens we consider him to be unfortunate. As it is not a normal female trait to grow lengths of hair on her face, there's no discrimination there. Except maybe for those times when a woman does grow a slight beard, we've taken it as a society to consider it "ugly".

The only explanation I can think of for any of these points is that hair loss on a man's head is a sign of aging, which oddly, is a negative thing. On that point, why do we judge others on things they can't help? I'm sorry, but we all grow old at some point.

Now, I'm not enough of a feminist to grow the hair on my legs and under my arms to forest like lengths. I have been sufficiently inundated by society that I share the views I have presented. But seriously, there has to be a reason for this somewhere.

20 October 2008

The Gutsy One.

Let's see YOUR sibling do this.

See, this sister of mine took on swimming, biking AND running. After months of incredible dedication to training, conquering fears, a complaining knee, and a week of being sick just before the race.

19 October 2008

Now I get it.

Football - Usually a man's dominion. In the past (recent) I've never really been able to understand what it is about a football game and men. What gets them so worked up about a ball being tossed around and men piling on top of each other....

The first few games I watched were spent figuring out what was going on. I enjoyed it, but still most of the time before a game thoughts of "there is so much else I could be doing productive with my time." I began to appreciate the beauty of specific plays; Someone would "hand off" the ball and run, and I would totally fall for it. The hard-hits were amusing. Could you imagine running at full speed, then *BAM* you're flying through the air doing a triple twist before you land on the ground. And the skill that goes with that to keep hold of the ball.

Football is a way to lose track of time, forget stress of life and school, and scream your guts out at someone who can't hear you. *grin*

By the way, the Utes are now ranked No. 11 in the BCS. BYU - No. 21.
Red. Freaking. Rules.

A floaty.

Blue Plate Diner on 2041 S 2100 E is a sensational place to eat. Everything on the menu was appetizing, and even better was the satisfaction that came when eating the order. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, from pancakes to salads, from burgers to pasta, from turkey to mushroom sandwiches. They offer three styles of fries - shoestring, steak cut, or cajun spice. Gold stars for the turkey and cranberry sandwich with steak fries, and also the Portabella and Humus sandwich with cajun fries. AND they came with fry sauce. The tomatoes were homegrown and the bread was fresh, though slightly toasted.

It's casual dining, with a young serving crew. On a nice weather day, you can eat outside, though I warn never know what may float your way...A little nature never hurt anyone.

Two thumbs up, and a desire to return and try a new plate of food. Prices were from $6.99 to about $12 (?) and a kid's menu decently priced. Fine dining does not mean expensive dining. The dessert menu looked substantial, and I think there is a full bar option, but who cares for that.

17 October 2008


The temple in Logan, UT is beautiful. Here are some pictures.

Those in Logan, though small towners, are not lacking in a sense of humor...

Some work was being done on the roof, and yes folks, that there is a dumpster being lifted from the top of the temple.

I didn't get any pictures of the people in Logan...lame.

16 October 2008

From a Man to a Woman

A group of eight girls were chatting on the sidewalk just outside a movie theatre. They were talking about the movie they had just seen, when someone was heard approaching. The footsteps ceased, and a male voice rose from behind "Holy, hot group of girls!" Only one girl responded in a "thanks", but the rest ignored him. Including me. No, I am not "hot". No, I am not a "babe". I am not a random piece of scenery to be commented on.
-juxtaposed with-
In 8th Grade, a friend and I were walking into school when a boy opened the door for us. She and I talked about it for weeks, and we still remember it - seven years later.

There are men who uphold their Priesthood and treat women like royalty. Those who go out of their way to give their coats, open doors, compliment on what a girl is wearing, who extend a hand of warmth, who volunteer to pay for the meal, who drive. My favorite is when the boy demands the girl remains seated until the car door is opened for them.

My gratitude goes to those who treat women in such a way that makes them feel loved. To the gentlemen who are constant in their chivalry, may you never stop. Girls notice, and love it. It is hard to know how to express gratitude, because a "thank you" each time just doesn't seem sufficient. I hope this declaration to the world is promulgation enough to those men who today are my heroes.

*Yes, there are the women who want to be treated as "equals" and think it an insult to their independence to have a door opened for them. To men I say, treat those women as they ask, but know the rest of us still love it!

15 October 2008

How am I supposed to know?!

Have you ever had someone ask you a question when they find out you have some knowledge in one area, and expect you to know everything ever created that is related to that subject? For example, one of the most common questions people ask when they find out I am learning Ancient Greek is "What is the relation between Ancient and Modern Greek." Yes, truthfully I used logic and made up an answer. After some research I discovered that my answer of "It's comparable as Old English to American English" is correct. But in the beginning I had no clue! Working in the Film Department at the University, I have been getting calls lately asking questions that, yes folks, I have made up answers to. Before you are horrified, again I used my best logic and sense to guide them to the best of my ability. The first question was "What is it like to get into the Film industry? What does it take to make a movie?" Granted there may be other people in the department who can answer more fully, but I told them that the industry is difficult, and if you don't want to work for an established business, you have to operate and get an audience on your own. I have some experience with this, having pursued the film making to a small degree, and talked to professionals, so that one I feel more confident in answering. Another fellow called in and asked about an actress that he apparently is distantly related to and was looking for contact information. He wasn't happy when I told him we don't have that sort of information, then he asked for my supervisor, or someone else who would have that information. Seriously though, even if we DID have that information, would I just give some girl's address to a man on the phone?

Does this information reflect negatively on my character? The people in this department are incredibly busy with their students and keeping the organization in one piece, and seriously, should I bother them with these questions? What in the world should I do otherwise?

Addition: Someone called and asked for the address for Body World, that happens to be located downtown, and has nothing to do with the University, or Film Studies.

13 October 2008

Pants, Snow and Relief.

The bane of my womanly existence - finding a pair of pants that fit. Out of the hundreds of jeans offered within 20 sq miles of my house, about 5 of them actually fit. Shopping for them is frustrating! I once tried on 5 pairs of jeans at Old Navy, and not one of them fit. I tried on men's shorts. Those didn't fit. Is it so much to ask to have a pair of pants that don't make me look a) like I'm going to explode or b) make me look like an overly enthusiastic pear. As my collection of wear-outside-of-the-house pants has decreased, the need became more dire. Off to Mervyn's to return a shirt, and loe an behold, a sale. Half off! Well, on select racks. Seriously, who wants to pay $30 for pants?! Of my slim pickings on the $19.99 tables I chose 4 pairs to try on. First pair...I was shocked. They were perfect! I was blessed today with a good pair of reasonbly priced pants. Life is good.

Happily driving home from said department store, I noticed a single cloud over the top of a mountain. I was quite impressed that this cloud had taken the time to stop over this particular peak. As I drove further east, the top of the mountain became more clear, and it was snowing-just on top of the mountain. The pine trees were covered for about a hundred feet down the slopes. The multi-colored trees and brown grass were exposed on the rest of the face of the mountain. I was impressed and highly amused.

It's Fall Break. Must I say more? Life is freakin awesome.

09 October 2008


Sharing Food.

Most people don't shy away from sharing food, though in various degrees. Usually it depends on how well people know each other to judge how much food they will share; Most people will at least take a bite off your unbitten portion of food. Something that seems to be shared by complete strangers is gum. If someone pulls out a package of gum, most of the time they will offer it to the room at large. Personally, if I can call someone by name, and like them sharing food isn't a big deal. If I know you well, I'll probably offer the rest of things I haven't eaten, or share a dish with you. There are odd balls in the world though. I once had dinner with a boy who would not share an order of fries.

08 October 2008


Yesterday I was house-bound and by the end of the day, small things were incredibly amusing. I posted a status for myself on two outlets. Facebook and chat. It read "Looking for something small and shiny." Responses to this were not expected, but come they did. Many simply asked if I had found anything, or what I was specifically looking for. One suggested a bottle-cap. Three people suggested a coin, one penny, one dime and one quarter. Someone went so far to ask if it was a wedding ring.

I still haven't found a small and shiny to play with. The search continues...

Update: One person has suggested a nickel. The coinage is now complete.

06 October 2008


It's been about two and a half years since I have been in a French class. Granted, I did study the language for 6 years, at the end of those years I was disappointed with my rather *insert fancy word that means small* size of knowledge. I met a friend later that year who was an avid French learner who I could carry on a reasonable conversation with. As her knowledge increased though, my memory seemed to decrease. It has come to a point where I considered my French skills to be "un peu." Moving on to the Ancient Greek language, the curse returned. As I said, for six years I studied the language, but was entirely sick of the study because of my slow rate of progress. My brain was not to be fooled. Greek switched on the "foreign language light" and I began to compose Frangreek sentences in my head. Such as C'est καλος (kalos) - It's beautiful. Greek history studies have led me to dive into the evolution of the Greek language as it developed from Linear A to the Classical Greek used in the more recent ancient world, aka the turn of the millennium, 0 AD. I made a Google search which brought up a French resource. Assuming I would have no idea what it said, I clicked on the link out of mere curiosity. Apparently, once the "foreign language switch" is on, it stays on. I wonder if my history professor would mind if I used a French citation for my research...

03 October 2008


Actually, I hate this acronym. It sounds so...."Like totally, we're soo bff's forever!" A friendship to me is much more sacred to be said with a phrase so lightly. But that is beside the point of this post. There is a free section of iTunes that sometimes offers decent music and videos. This week they are featuring an episode of "My New BFF" hosted by Paris Hilton. After watching the short introduction, I was appaled. This is just a step under "The Bachelor" though seemingly on a different level all together. What sincerity is there when someone signs up to be televised to find a friend?

This show hosted by Paris Hilton begins with her list of what a perfect best friend would be to her. She chose a number of contestants and put them through a series of challenges to see who would live up to her expectations. Is not a friend borne out of experience, similar tastes being secondary? From my personal experience, my closest friends have been unexpected. People who when I first met seemed to be as opposite to me as a sunrise is to a sunset. Yet those who endure trials with you, who play with you when your spirits are highest, who will listen and talk whenever you need them to. Are Paris' friends as disposable to her as a purse or shoes?

"If my life is of no value to my friends it is of no value to myself." - Joseph Smith, Jr. Have we as Americans, become so singularly independent we believe we must walk through life on our own? A BFF, Best Friend Forever. What irony to host a reality, searching for that dear relationship. Forever until the critera are broken by human frailty? Those closest to you, do they not see you at your lowest, worst and most shameful? And yet they continue in their support, love and loyalty. Next to agency, the Atonement, I would list friendship as the next greatest gift from our Heavenly Father. A friend encompasses all that is wonderful and sacred. Could you imagine a life as Miss Paris; She yearns as any human for a true and devoted friend, yet is so utterly deprived? Wealth cannot replace the eternal bonds of friendship.
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