As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

31 January 2009

Shake Making: What not to do.

While we are on the topic of reminiscing about past Shivers, here is another story.

During a shake rush, one may once or twice miss a step while creating the ice creamy goodness. I believe it was a raspberry shake in creation. I grabbed the cup, put on the collar, filled it with ice cream then raspberries and began mixing. I glanced beside me and noticed I had failed to put the ice cream lever back into the inactive position. A nice pile of vanilla ice cream was staking itself on the tray and tipping onto the floor. Shocked and wanting to shut it off quickly, I let go of the shake I was mixing. BAD mistake. The mixer was still rotating and the cup exploded. The next few moments are a blur. Somehow I managed to scream, shut off the machine and the mixer. A co-worker poked his head in and asked what happened. He grinned when I related the story. Needless to say I had a mess of ice cream, and yes, it was all over my front.

28 January 2009

A Story Worth Telling

Several years ago, while I was employed at the local fast-food restaurant, the routine weekend rush was upon us. Someone ordered a Junior Mint shake, and the small fridge was empty of them, so I ran to the walk-in fridge to grab some. I reached for them in their usual place on the top shelf. This was during the winter months, when the restaurant offers a Tomato-Basil soup special. An open container of this soup was sitting in front of the Junior Mint box, and in my haste of grabbing Mints, I knocked the soup off the shelf. It turned towards me on it's way to the floor, flipping a full 360 before landing right side up on the floor. Now with soup in my eyes, I ran to the sink to wash off. Other employees rushing around would come to a complete stop when they saw me, covered in soup. As I washed the soup (chunky) from my eyes, I saw that it was on my arms, down my front, in my hair...My manager took one look at me, and headed for the back fridge to see what had happened. After cleaning myself up as much as possible (I think I had taken the mints to the shake room for someone else to finish), I went back to the fridge to see what awaited on my managers face. She was on her knees on the ground with her face in her hands, shaking. She could hardly stop laughing. Kindly, she helped me clean up. Soup was on the ceiling, all over food containers and spread far on the floor. Really, I'm not a fan of the soup anymore: It doesn't taste that great cold, and up your nose.

27 January 2009

Things you never knew...

This was a list a friend asked me to create for facebook. Just in case you wanted to know too.
  • My cars name is Neville. Not for Mr. Longbottom, I just like the name. And it suits him.
  • I've had stitches at least 3 times. Knee - when I was about 4 I slipped on the street while trying to run and push an orange shopping cart. Chin/Under lip - I hit the metal tunnel that covers the top of a slide. It was a race up the stairs, down the slide... In my gums - Wisdom Teeth removal (explains a lot)
  • I avoid PC's.
  • My iPod's name is Edan. My Mac's name is Ethne.
  • I have three dream vacations: Nauvoo and church history tour, Disney World, Scotland.
  • A friend and I were accused of being married or siblings by several different people, all within about a month, simply because we both have red hair.
  • I am the only red head in my immediate family.
  • Of the 4 siblings, I am the youngest and the tallest.
  • Sometimes a song will come up on my iPod that I've never heard before.
  • Remember dancing and singing to your favorite songs when you were little? I still do. A friend and I like to take parts from Wicked and act them out.
  • I LOVE cake and ice cream. I'll eat them almost at anytime, even after a big meal when I feel stuffed.
  • The University of Utah was the last school on my list when I was in High School. I was headed for UVSC, and even had an appointment with the academic adviser, but when it came to calling her for the second time, I couldn't do it. Luckily my sister told me I should apply to the U just in case. Good thing too.
  • My sister told me I drove too slow in the summer and too fast when the roads were slick.
  • Making ice cream cones with a soft-serve machine is one of my talents. After working at Shivers for 4+ years, people would call them a work of art. But when it comes to Large Dip Cones, I drop it. Every. Single. Time.
  • Before declaring a Classics Major, I went through 7 other choices, though I can't remember them all. Film Studies, Mass Comm, History Teaching, English/Creative Writing, Choral Conducting....
  • Anything small and shiny can keep me entertained for hours.
  • Before Fall 2008, I couldn't care less about Ute Football. Now I own a stadium seat.
  • Male singing voices (when singing well) melt my heart.
  • I felt ashamed of wetting the bed once when I was in High School, but I was recently at a party where people were discussing wetting their pants. One girl said "I was in 4th grade". The next said "Try 7th grade", the next "I was in 10th". One boy raised his hand and said "I was on my mission."
  • People think it's funny to say "It's all Greek to me" when they find out I know Ancient Greek. It's Greek to me too you know.
  • I have a small portfolio of films I have made, and an extra script that was never produced. The script calls for a young couple to kiss, and in High School I couldn't find any one willing to kiss on film.
  • Spring of 2005 was my first semester in a choir. Since Fall 2006 I have been in an Institute choir for 8 consecutive semesters.

25 January 2009

It's not having what makes you happy, it's being happy with whatever you have. Even that which is right will not be handed to you. Pursue it, work for it. Enjoy every day for what it is worth; And I guarantee it's worth a lot more than you can see.

22 January 2009

Land of the Free

Today, the front page of The New York Times displayed articles on, you guessed it, President Obama. Truthfully, I did not vote for him. Also, truthfully I was not an incredibly informed voter in November 2008. When the decision was made, I came to the conclusion that since he is to be my president, I will support him as I support my beloved country.

The articles featured on the front page of the Times are as follows: "Obama to Close Foreign Prisons and Guantanamo", "On First Day, Obama Quickly Sets a New Tone", and less significant yet no less present "I Really Do Swear, Faithfully: Obama and Roberts Try Again".

The hype behind the new president has been "CHANGE". But as I remember learning throughout my American History education, is that the founding fathers of the United States of America sought to limit the powers of the president. American people have set a lot of stock in the power of the supreme ruler, who was originally set in place with Congress and the Senate, all having their distinct roles and obligations. How many of us can name all of our state representatives that act in those bodies of government? I am ashamed, yet honest in saying that I cannot. What has shocked me so much already in Obama's first day is this "New Tone." Quoting from this article "President Obama moved swiftly on Wednesday to impose new rules on government transparency and ethics, using his first full day in office to freeze the salaries of his senior aides, mandate new limits on lobbyists and demand that the government disclose more information." Further reading reveals that these were intelligent decisions. I encourage you to read the article and see for yourself. As one who counts herself as a run-of-the-mill American citizen, my knowledge of deep politics is virtually non-existant. But I do understand the basics of human life, and proper legislation: When government goes too far or not far enough.

With all these changes, what has made us so trusting of this one man? There is of course nothing that can properly prepare anyone for the rule of a country. Knowledge and wisdom comes purely through experience and trial. What kind of power is being given to this man? As I recall from other history lessons, that civilizations go through phases. First they will be governed by a good king, but unfortunately his decedents begin to rule unjustly. Eventually the nation revolts and overthrows the kingdom. Set in place is a large body of rulers, the type varying from society to society. Eventually corruption spreads through the body and infuriates the public once again. A single leader will emerge and promise change and prosperity for all. The body of rulers is overthrown and the dictator takes the sole seat of reign.

I am by no means implying that President Obama is this dictator taking rule of the country. But is this the road we, America, heading down? Corruption within our government is not even a theory up to discussion. Unrest among the people is obvious. What's next?

As life returns to more or less the "normal", as our new President becomes less of a novelty, I am agog for the future, and pray for the Lord to guide this man and all the other men and women who lead our country.

14 January 2009

That's my girl! Part 2

Dad called to his child, "Ava sweetie, it's time to get in the car."
Ava responds in her characteristic two-year-old speech, "No thank you, I'm playing with my fingers!"

12 January 2009

A Year

I was going to say something snazzy about having a blog for exactly a year, but I kinda missed the date. Here is my first post link. Not the most exciting blog post, but it marks the beginning that started on January 8, 2008. Things have changed since then, in most ways, THANK GOODNESS. Anyway, happy belated anniversary to the readers.

Class Size

Greek 1020 - 10 students
Classical Civilization (Roman) - 11 students

Man, I love being specialized.

09 January 2009

I'm going to do it, dang it!

Who says I can't?! Well, here is proof that I will. As your eyes read the following collection of words that converge into goals, you accept the responsibility to inquire frequently about the progression towards set goals.

  • I will go to Scotland. At least $10 a month into a box that is untouchable, except the insertion of more cash.
  • I will read the following books: The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, Frankenstein. I reserve the right to expand this list at any time.
  • I will take a road trip with friends, preferably to Nauvoo and surrounding sites.
  • I will audition for a musical. I am in great need of tutors. I am open to any and all suggestions. My first step of action is to improve audition skills.
I reserve the right to expand this list at anytime. This is in addition to goals already set. In no way do they supersede any previously established plans.

Note: The Time Machine is in progress.

05 January 2009

There are those times when someone just shows up exactly when you need them to. Either in person, on the phone, or even over chat. This for those who have been in the right place at the right time. Thanks. Life is much better with you in it.

02 January 2009


Last night:

I was an hour late getting ready for Winter Formal. My date's little brother calls me and says "We're waiting for my mom and sister to get home to tell us if he's too sick to go tonight." Well, after a long time sitting on the phone, not getting any decisions out of my date, I said "I'll just find someone else." I wasn't all that excited to go with that guy anyway, I hadn't talked to him for years, but the prospect of finding someone to go on a formal date with me in less than an hour was overwhelming. My male resources at that point were rather dry. Some person in my dream suggested a guy I had never met, but I accepted. We promptly flew to Greece to pick him up. Time running short, but we got lost in the neighborhood that looked rather like Sandy, searching for the Greek man. We passed a new building of condominiums, the first set of which had glass outsides so you could see inside. I jumped out of the van we were driving and went to look at them. The one without a washer and dryer interested me. Further exploration showed piles of plates, reminding me of IKEA.

The End.
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