As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

29 April 2008

Love Song

Within 5 minutes, three different radio stations played "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles. First 100.3, then I changed to 98.7, who after a minute or two started the song. After it was nearly over, I changed to 106.5 and the same song began to play. Not even 45 minutes later, 107.5 played the same song, though it was an in-studio version. I agree, it's a good song. It has a good message for those who are new to the relationship world. But seriously.

28 April 2008

The six words of me.

As per request, here are my attempts. Six word memoir.

- Jesus, my true source of joy.
- My life, my love-my friends.
- To sing, to laugh-to live.
- I love to see the temple.
- I dare you to challenge me.
- I am a redhead. Need anymore?
- Someday, this will be in Latin.
- I like my teddy bear, ok?!
- It's a movie?! It's a date.
- M&M's, Ice Cream, Steak. Some day.
- I like this way too much.
- To sink into an embrace-ecstasy.
- I lived my life to say:
- True friends-Two bodies-One heart.
- It's your choice. Please be wise.

26 April 2008

The sweet, sweet smell...

A common occurrence in the house has been a burning of food. We seem to have taken such a liking to it over the years, the food is not only burned, but charred completely black to the point it is full of carcinogens. Thursday resulted in 4 cookies and 4 cheese sandwiches, the latter of which were rushed from the kitchen to the back porch as to prevent the kitchen filling with smoke and setting off alarms. Today, the house was once again filled with the aroma of charred cheese sandwich. Best of all, we have a new reminder of the thing we seem to enjoy most about food. A perfect fossil of what once lived.

25 April 2008

We Thank Thee O'God...

For a prophet was sung at a concert tonight, though not by the choir or soloists alone. When President Thomas S. Monson entered the building, the entire hall stood to welcome him. As he approached his seat, someone began to sing the wonderful hymn that means so much to so many around the world. All joined in to welcome the prophet to our midst. The following concert was in honor of Joseph Smith Jr, first prophet in the latter days for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What a tribute to hear the life of the Brother Joseph, and to be able to turn and see the man who succeeded him. Both are called of God, and what greater blessing can any single person or group of people ask for than a leader who will never forsake you.

22 April 2008


All I can do is laugh, and know that if I ever tried to write something in their language, I would sound just as stupid.

21 April 2008


For the past week, I haven't been able to find a water bottle of mine. 'No big deal', you would say. Yes, I have a few other bottles I could have used, and did for awhile, but it just wasn't the same. This particular water bottle was a surprise present from a good friend of mine, accompanied by a mouth valve and a carabiner. I had no idea where it could have run off to. My water drinking went down significantly, and I noticed, my head ache level rose. Sadness filled my empty stomach each time I realized it was missing. Yesterday, my niece and I went out to my car to fetch a DVD I had borrowed. She sat on the seat while I looked for the DVD. To my pleasant surprise, relief and elation, when I reached under the passenger seat, my hand enclosed over the CamelBak water bottle. Ta DA! It is now found. I owe the discovery to my good luck charm, aka my niece. Here's to water drinking!

20 April 2008

Small Enough

There is a song titled "Small enough." It begins 'O Great God, be small enough to hear me now.'

I testify to you, that He is does hear us. In every moment, there are blessings that if found, are like drops of water, that can overflow the deepest ocean. My gratitude now is for each of the friends who attended the choir concert. My heart overflowed with love at the sight of each of them. The Great God is intimately aware of each of us, and will provide help and love, even when we don't expect it. He is Great, and yet small enough for each of us, as His children.

18 April 2008

The Insanity continues

I have begun a new blog, a whole new title with one specific purpose. Call me a fanatic, addicted, crazy, but hopefully at some point you will also laugh. Campus Observatory. See for yourself.

"Well Hello!!"

In front of the baptistry's doors at the Salt Lake Temple, some construction is taking place. There are fences around it, so baptistery patrons have to go through the main entrance of the temple. It's a bit of a walk down the long hallways, but I'm not complaining. The place is beautiful. This morning, at about 7:30am, I rounded a corner, and someone tall said "Good Morning" with a smile on his face. My heart leapt before my brain processed who was addressing us. Only two words from one man, but the impression he leaves is astounding. It's all true, what they say about him. Big shoulders, tall, and very friendly. The words to properly describe the meeting is almost literally "ran into him." It was a near collision. Though the meeting was less than 3 seconds long, and my return greeting was probably more along the lines of a slurred "good morning" (it was 7am after all) the presence of an apostle of the Lord is something intangible, indescribable, and yet profoundly influential. Elder Perry I am sure is just a regular man, but the mantle which has been laid upon him is one that the Lord only entrusts to a few. He's not the man he is because he is an apostle. He an apostle because of the man he has grown to be.

17 April 2008

The Final Word

This is it. I’ve got my life in my hands, and it’s all under control.

This is my cue to laugh hysterically. If you believe that, then I have bridge over the Salt Lake I’d like to sell you.

There is never anything that is definite. Decisions could reverse, solid facts could slip like sand on glass. Sand has to be heated to become glass, right? Well, the hotter it gets, the purer the glass.

Here goes the plans. Reasons to stay in the country, state and city.

Live at home to conserve funds which equals conserving sanity.
Attend the singles ward.
Work my butt off with sorority plans and fun as Treasurer.
Get a job at the University.
Begin work on a Classics major, emphasis in Latin.
Participate in Institute choir for the summer.
Volunteer at Primary Children's hospital for the summer.
Keep up a social life by hosting movie/game nights twice a month.
Keep up intelligence over the summer by forming a book club.

An extra note on the job search:
I have been watching the job search of Laverna, and I am beginning to understand what it really take to get a job. I have been privileged to have my employment nearly handed to me. My sister got me my first job, then a lady in the ward suggested me to her husband who gave me my second job. My current work as a house-sitter, the man called me himself, as a suggestion from his neighbors. But, I am left to myself this time around. I'm not really all that picky, just something I can do to get paid. Office work up here at school.

Here goes it all. Love life, love living.

Onward and Upward!

15 April 2008

The only April 15 2008 that will ever be.

Lovely morning. So tempting to wear a t-shirt and sandals. Weather man said "Watch out for rain and snow this afternoon!" Heck, who cares when I want to wear capris? My better sense apparently. I wore two jackets. Feeling foolish while walking to class, and very warm, I pulled off my outer jacket and pushed down my tall socks. I thought "When am I going to be grateful I wore these?" The opportunity arrived at 11:50am, when the temperature had dropped since 10:50am. Then the snow came. Yesterday was short sleeve shirt and flip-flop day. Now it is snowing and raining. Welcome to Utah, where you don't put your winter clothes away until June, and keep jackets out just in case.

New hair-do

Well, here it is. Shorter than I had planned originally, but I am loving it.
The cut was done by Bryan at the Jagged Edge Retreat. Several people recommended Bryan when I mentioned I wanted a good hair-cut. In the past, my hair has been butchered. Bad hair cut after bad hair cut from a neighbor that charged $10, to a co-worker who killed it for free. I finally conceded into paying a bit more for a hair-cut and a girl name Michol did a pretty good job. After going to her a few times, and never feeling "wowed" by her skill, I was up for a change. Bryan is the most expensive I have paid for, but incredibly worth every quarter. I showed him some pictures, then he got to work. He didn't seem to have a whole lot of method to his cutting. When de started to dry it, and I began to feel slightly disappointed. But when he finished drying it, he asked what I thought. After discussing the length, to my delight he kept cutting. In most experience, as soon as the stylist dries it, it means they are done. But not Bryan. He kept cutting till we were both satisfied.

The entire experience was pleasant. The salon itself had interesting character. "Trees" and "branches" but also with metal pieces sticking out of them. The ceiling was unfinished and painted black. All the stylists were laid back and talked to each other as well as their clients. It's kept clean and professional, yet entirely friendly. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, hands down the best hair experience I have yet discovered. 375 S. Main St. 801-355-4674

14 April 2008

In need of a haircut

My last hair cut was quite some time ago. It had grown considerably since then. Time for a change. Something new-ish. Not too short, but definitely time for something different. This is what it looked like. Very long, and in desperate need of a cut. Not that long is bad, but I felt like something fresh and fun.

12 April 2008

Dogs and People

I heard the lovely hum and vibrate of lawnmowers as I woke today. People were out, using their legs or two wheels for transportation. (There were 3 skateboarders that were actually wearing helmets! I was impressed to say the least. Smart boys.) I also took the opportunity today to walk the dog down the street so she could do her business. Watching her the past few days, I have decided I am grateful to not be a dog. We accept these traits as they are most commonly doggie ones. Imagine these descriptions for a human.

1- They have the tendency to stink, and cannot bathe themselves.
2- They are trapped in usually one or two rooms for most of the day. Every-day. (Thus emitting their smell into the room)
3- They have incredibly large lips. When ever they choose to "speak" in a whine or bark, these lips wiggle and jostle around.
4- Every time they TRY to bathe themselves by licking, a "squelching" sound accompanies.
5- No thumbs. Need I say more?
6- Most are unable to "relieve themselves" but simply walking outside. This particular dog must walk down the street a ways before she is able.

Actually, I really love dogs. It is just today that has made me particularly grateful for my freedom and ability to choose. (most especially to take a bath and use the toilet - in private)

10 April 2008

We sing.

The Spring 2008 semester has brought interesting results for the Institute Choir. The numbers have been small through out the year, but this semester has been decreasing. It has come down to a regular group of 2 sopranos, 4 or 5 altos, 1 tenor, and 3 basses (though 1 alto and 1 bass play the piano). Today, at the beginning of choir, we had 1 tenor, 1 soprano, and 2 altos. No director. One alto played the piano, while the other alto stood in front to "conduct" the soprano and tenor. We sang through an entire song before another alto and bass showed up. Halfway through the next song, the director and another alto came. After that another bass walked in. It took about 20 minutes to get going on the regular schedule. Those who have stayed are wonderful people, and though we are small, we sound good and have lots of fun.

09 April 2008

Those we meet.

Do we not all recall those souls who so infinitely touched our lives, with warmth and affection? Some people step in briefly, love us deeply, then depart. These are the people that were somehow able to see through our walls, gently climb them, and sit with us in our private sanctuary. They sought only to be with us, help us along the way. There are those who do not even realize what they have done, but we will always remember them. Their memory gives us strength.

Of course there are those who seek to break our walls, who are careless and trample our flower gardens, but this story is not about them. They are projects for us to mend another time.

There are many, and yet choice and precious few, who had touched my life so dearly. The first I remember so dearly, is a seminary teacher. For a semester, he answered each and every one of my questions, no matter how silly, or redundant. It became a daily ritual. School ended, and he was gone. It was his time to leave, but his mark was, for me, earth shaking. I started to become human. I was free from the bonds of my own world inside my head. If there existed a time line filled with people and the time they spent changing me, you would never see a gap. When one would physically leave, there was almost immediately another to "take their place."

The person you are, and the person I am, is the result of someone else's handy work. It is impossible to move through life and be completely obvlivious to others. The most obvious example, your parents. No matter what you say, you wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. From each person in the store with you, to the driver 3 cars in front of you, they make a difference. The difference may be a step to the left, or 10 seconds later at your destination. But we rarely think of these people, or hardly consider their existence.

There is never a day that passes that my thoughts are not turned to one of the precious people who shaped my life into what it is now. Most obvious; I would not sing. I would not be typing this now. Considering any alternative path to my life is unbearable, and I am glad I do not even have think of it.

I love, deeply, dearly, eternally, those I am privileged to call friend. To be considered another's friend, is to me the highest title I can receive. Even to be a wife and a mother. Terms used too lightly now. A wife is any woman who legally ties herself to a man. A mother can be any woman who gives birth.
But to be the best friend to my husband, the best friend to my child, is something that can never be replaced. "We call that person who has lost his father, an orphan; and a widower that man who has lost his wife. But that man who has known the immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence." - Joseph Roux

And who could glory too much in the Lord? Say too much of His goodness, Mercy and Longsuffering. Our eternal Friend. Our ever loving Heavenly Father, and His son, our Best Friend, Jesus the Christ. Think of the joy, when you reach heaven and you hear Christ say, "I present unto the Father, my friend."

The time may come when we must depart from one-another. There are such good-byes I know are drawing ever near. I will miss them. A piece of my heart will always be with them. No, they can not be replaced, and I rejoice in the memories. I wish for many more to come.

We all have much to learn. People to meet. People to play with! People to hold. People to love. I hope to be for them, what they are for me.

Summertime Plans

Need something to do this summer? A social connection to break the monotonous work week?

Join Institute Choir! Tuesday nights, 7:30-9:00pm. We need the voices. You need the fun! The world needs the music.

(Yes, this is in attempt to coerce some certain people into coming. You know who you are.)

08 April 2008

"There's a Fly..." Feeling Peckish?

Why be afraid of bed bugs? Just eat them. Excellent on hand midnight snacks.

Ants are edible. Red are like pine, black are like lemon. There are such things as chocolate cover ants if you don't like the original flavor.

Don't complain if there is a fly in your soup, it won't drink much.

Flies can also be a tasty addition to other foods, such as Hobo dinners.

Who needs a churro, when fried grasshoppers are offered instead at State Fairs.

05 April 2008

Solemn Assembly

Today, President Monson was sustained by church members and leaders for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Chills ran down my spine as I watched the Priesthood stand and give their sustaining vote, as well as the Relief Society, and Young Women. I stood when my turn came around, here, in the bedroom, Pj's and all.

04 April 2008

Commentary on LNCO

I am aware that it has been said before that the organizational skills of the architect were significantly impaired. Today an adventure confirmed this accusation. Who in their right mind would make the 3rd floor of a building near unaccessible? It's almost a test of patience and endurance. "You may enter the realm of English and Writing, under the condition you are able to find the single elevator, or the two corner staircases that reach us."

Thankfully, the department I have declared to through myself into is on the first floor. Humanities. Much kinder. "Just turn left, but don't blink or you'll miss it" rather than an MIA threat. Yes, I will have to venture to the elusive 3rd floor, but that is only a minor component. So, to add on to the "uses of a library," there is a new use for LNCO. A puzzle. Only for smart people. In other words, good luck. May the force of direction be with you.

03 April 2008

"I've been shot!"

10 purple dots. One on each major trigger point, located on and surrounding my shoulder blades. Next comes the injection of numbing agent, much the same as Novocaine that you get in the Dentist chair. Three were particularly painful. They were located directly on top of my shoulders. Remembering the effects of a similar procedure from the week before, I expected for the points of injection to be rather sore for a few hours.

But they weren't.

A few hours later, as I was working on homework, I reached up to massage the place of the particularly painful, was soft. Instead of the rock hard, tense and irritating muscle that it has been for years, it was soft. Tears threatened to leak at that moment.

This morning they are beginning to stiffen again, but not nearly as much as in the past.

The first round of treatment was 9 shots, all on my left side. There was very little change that day. But, over the next few days, it was my right side that complained sharply.

Slowly, strangely, it's working. It's WORKING!

(gold star if you can tell me what movie the title is from)
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