As young adults, there is so much expected of us. There are days where you have to multi-task things that really shouldn't be done at the same time; Like filing your nails while driving. I'm a believer in enjoying everything you do and never doing anything simply because you think you "should." But this doesn't apply if you're a slacker. Being lazy is lame.

26 January 2010

And So It Begins. . .

Alright. Fine. I'll embrace it. The gym. A place I never thought I'd go. Too intimidating with all those skinny, firm, flat, toned people who would look at me and laugh. Well, I have finally found a way to work it into my schedule of school, work, social life, sleep, food, reminding my family that they have a red-headed little sister. The price is included in tuition (guess they expect every student to go) and since I already pay for it, I might as well take advantage. After work, three days a week, it's work out time. Christine agreed to go with me at least two days, so today was day one. We did it. We went. We explored. We tried three machines (stair-master, bike, elliptical) and were quite pleased. Josh and Amilynne (choir party!) were there giving their all. (PS, this seems like a good time to mention the open invitation to anyone who wants to join us.) Ending in the sauna - felt so good.

This leaves us with a few questions. Sure, we work into being hardcore, but how slowly, then what is hardcore without murdering yourself? Do you eat before or after the work out? I had a suggestion of one day weights, but how the heck do you do those properly without hurting yourself, or ending up lopsided? What's the best thing to do to lose pounds?

Did I mention Yoga on Monday nights?

22 January 2010

A Letter

Dear and iTunes,

I do not want to pay $1.29 for one song. Increasing the price by 30% is not attractive and has hindered me from purchasing anything from either of you. If I purchase three songs I pay almost enough to get a fourth song; But I don't. I will find my music elsewhere.


20 January 2010

A Letter

Dear Taylor Swift,

There are only so many times you can sing about a fairytale coming true. We get it. Thanks.

19 January 2010

New Blog

I should announce the existence of another blog of mine called, currently, A Greek Major in Love With Baking. The link to it is below my profile photo. You may visit if you like and say what you like.

17 January 2010

Numb Lips.

I have a tube of lotion given to me by my aunt that is for cracked and dry feet. I haven't had need for that purpose, but it's very soothing and moisturizing for general dry skin. When I noticed that my legs were quite dry the other day, I slathered the lotion on them. A few minutes later, I noticed that my lips were dry and the lotion was still near-by I put a little of it on them. Not much later there was a strange sensation as I moved my lips...or lack thereof. My lips were numb. No feeling in them. Shocked at first, then I grabbed the tube of lotion. Lidocaine.

04 January 2010

The New Year

I guess something should be said about the change into the new year. A hurrah for the accomplishments for 2009, or a bold and courageous look towards 2010. Indeed, 2009 was eventful with a marriage of a sister, a deeper plunge into academia, improvements vocally, many social adventures.

But this year rang in with little significance. As age moves onward, the years have begun to blend softly into one another; Simply a progression of life. We were here yesterday and are still here today.

Before you think this is some hum-drum perspective on life, let me lighten the room. The slow progression yet swift turn of events in what we call "life" has begun to fascinate me more each day.

I refrain from boasting of everyday events on this blog, but try to introduce my perspective, original or not. The more education I shove down my throat, the more I realize there is rarely an original thought, speech or action. Thousands of books have been written over thousands of years, and even more hundreds of thousands in the past 100 years, of people's discoveries of life, habits and feelings, science and technology. I bought a clutch bag from a vintage store, and the more I used it, the more I fell in love with it. One day while riding in the car with a friend and fiddling with the outer layer, the layer popped off. I was horrified. The one of a kind purse was broken! Upon further inspection the purse turned out to have snaps on the outer layer making that layer removable or reversible. If you have been in any mall, you will be familiar with the square purses that have magnets in their lining so you may change the design and formality of your purse in seconds. Original? Obviously not, according to my little clutch.

My fascination in life has become the amount of knowledge there is possibly to be obtained. In the library on campus is ~61 miles of books. Sixty-one miles. In one university library. That's nearly 3 million volumes. If you read one book a day, in 80 years you will read 29,300. You would have to live ~102.3 life-times to read just what is in this one library.


So far in my college career I have taken classes on film, sociology, psychology, algebra, statistics, history, language, linguistics, theater, dance, music, singing, astronomy, teaching, writing, geology. Even though 4 months was spent learning about each subject, the classes were introductory - barely scratching the surface of what is available to the human race.


Yes, I feel quite worthless in my own little world. Yet the clock still turns, age still progresses, and happiness lives on. We breathe. We eat. We laugh. We cry. And time moves on.

Happy New Year.
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